Psychic Investigation (10) - Part One

Koolers1[1]Kooler’s Nightclub, Kirkhouse Memorial, Merthyr Tydfil

Left is a photograph of the nightclub taken by Paul Prosser. The Psychic Investigation was undertaken on Sunday 8th July 2007 and started at 12.30 a. m.  Three paranormal video clips are attached to this Psychic Investigation.

I was contacted by Anthony Wayne Thomas who is a bouncer at the Kooler’s Nightclub in Merthyr Tydfil which is more known as ‘The Kirkhouse’ in Dynevor Street. Anthony stays behind most nights when the nightclub has closed to wait for everybody to leave after tidying up. He and two other bouncers called Keith Taylor and Lee Amdell had experienced several strange incidents whilst waiting around in the quiet nightclub during the early hours of the morning.

Anthony explained that he was so curious that he brought his camera to work to see if anything would appear in photographs taken of various areas in the nightclub which he felt there was paranormal activity. On one occasion, he saw two men dressed in black in the small corridor by the side of the nightclub which in earlier days would have been the outside of the club. These two men really looked menacing and were not of this world. As if to confirm what he was thinking the photographs showed figures and orbs. The psychic investigators were called in.

Psychic Investigators attending:- Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins, Paul Prosser and guest medium, Eric Jones.

We met at the back of the nightclub at around 12.30 am right in front of a neat row of bungalows which have been built on a chapel. The late night clubbers were leaving the nightclub. Paul Prosser explained that there was open land at the end of the row of bungalows and on turning left there were some gravestones.

Bethalchapel[1]Apparently, directly behind the nightclub used to be Bethal Chapel - see photograph left. The nightclub is called ‘The Kirkhouse Memorial.’ Anthony had explained to me that the nightclub was originally a church hall.

thepsychicbouncers[1]On meeting Anthony, Keith and Lee it was obvious that they each had their own psychic abilities. It was decided that David Coggins would interview each of them and in his report would put their own individual stories about the nightclub which will come later under the heading of ‘The Three Psychic Bouncers.’

The nightclub is on three floors. The ground floor holds a small dance area with a bar and upstairs there is a bigger dance floor with quite a high ceiling with numerous coloured lights. The third floor up a steep staircase contained the ladies toilets. We remained on the ground floor and gathered around a leather seating area and it was decided to say prayers to start the night session. The nightclub’s energy was buzzing and it needed to be calmed down. After saying prayers to start the night session. The nightclub’s energy was buzzing and it needed to be calmed down. After saying prayers I could feel the balancing of the energies and everyone slowly settle down. We undertook a meditation connecting to spirit. I asked for Our Lord to be there to help and protect each and every one of us in this night psychic investigation. I lead the team and our three psychic bouncers through a meditation to meet their guides. Afterwards as each and every one of us said their own personal prayer and giving the group their mediation experience it was so apparent that we were not alone.

passagewayorb1[1]After our gathering we split up. Anthony took me to the little passageway between the nightclub and the pub next door which is called The Three Horse Shoes. In times gone by this was outside the nightclub. Keith explained that this was where he had seen the two ghostly sinister men in black. As we talked I took a paranormal photograph. Above you can see the paranormal photograph of the moving orb taken during our conversation. Below is a close up and you can see a figure to the right hand side - I wonder if this is the person that Keith saw? I have blown up this part and you can see that paranormal photograph to the right hand side.

passageorb[1]     partoforb[1]

Afterwards I settled down in front of the door which Anthony had taken many paranormal photographs in the past.

orb3[1]To the left you can see a paranormal photograph taken by Chris of this door and you will notice a small orb coming through the door with mist all around it. I started my psychic art portraits and Chris set up the video camera which overlooked the back of the ground floor and also where I was sitting.

girl2[1]Left you can see a psychic art portrait of a young girl who told me she was aged eight years old, nearly nine. As I started to draw images came into my mind and I could see a horrific scene of a poor young girl being held down by two men, aged approximately in their twenties or thirties. These could possibly be the two that Anthony had seen. She screamed as they held her down but no one heard her. It was like the world was asleep - no one to hear her calls for help. They punched and kicked her to make her shut up. They threatened her as they raped her. Not knowing what was happening and realising she would get into trouble with her dad she shut up and hoped they would go away.

jane1[1]The little girl was thinking about what her mother would think of her dirty clothes when she got home. Her mom was so particular about her clothes being clean and many a time she had received a telling off for a mark on her frock. The smell of the man’s breath stank such a sweet horrible smell, must get away. She drifted in and out and her thoughts were of trying to get away from the dreadful scene that was reality until her little heart gave out. She was not a strong girl and had suffered illness in her life. She had a heart attack and quietly died. The men thinking she had passed out carried on and then left her running off like rats in a dirty alley. You poor little darling.

I could hear the boys upstairs as they moved across the first floor dance hall and as their feet were sticking to the floor they made a sort of squelchy noise. I had no more and I knew I would have to come back to find those two men as I did not have all the story. I believe that the date must be way in the past because all three players in this story are now in spirit. Chris came back downstairs and placed one of his cameras on the table next to me and walked off with another camera as we had brought three different types of cameras with us that night.

child2[1]Another spirit came through but this was entirely different a stronger, older personality, a boy around the age of 12 years or possibly 13. As I started to draw I was disturbed and it was such a quick drawing but more was to come through later for this little urchin. I noticed the camera had come back on and a green light was going off and on. This camera was left by Chris approximately ten minutes earlier and he had switched it off before he left. Later the next day we watched the video clip of this time and it showed Chris turning off the camera. Spirit had turned it back on!

thirdfloor[1]I went upstairs with the camera and noticed that Keith, Paul and Eric were on the third floor talking and to the left you can see a photograph of them. Anthony and Lee were taking photographs with Chris and I on the main first floor dance floor. Lee showed me some wonderful paranormal photographs he had taken on his mobile telephone camera. Anthony was also taking some wonderful paranormal orb photographs and when you went in close you could clearly make out some of the detail.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang and all the lights went out. I was not too worried as the emergency lights kicked in almost at the same time with just seconds in darkness. I asked for the time and it was 3.30 a.m. The electric cupboard for the switches was on the ground floor and none of us were down there. As if to confirm my thoughts I saw a black shadow move across the floor towards the doorway going upstairs to the ladies toilet on the third floor. This doorway is where Anthony sees a lot of paranormal activity especially on the ground floor in the leather seating area where we originally had our gathering and where I had sat drawing the psychic art portraits. We went back down to the ground floor and Anthony checked the electric cupboard.

orb1[1]The camera had been running the whole time filming the now empty area by the back doorway overlooking the leather seating area.


Above a paranormal orb photograph of one of the chairs in that seating area. The next day we were amazed to see a paranormal video clip showing a moving object which could be an orb moving so quickly from the table next to where I was drawing and go straight into the wall. This table was where the camera was placed which spirit turned back on. You will have to view this several times as it is so quick and you can see this in the web page attached entitled paranormal video clip one. When the paranormal video clip is slowed down it looks more like a rod. You can also view this slowed down paranormal video clip in the same web page. These paranormal videos are in night vision.

Chris and Paul then took the video camera upstairs onto the main dance floor whilst our three psychic bouncers, Dave and Eric stayed back on the ground floor. We all sat down and as we did someone touched my knee. I explained that spirit were by the side of me and Lee took a fabulous paranormal photograph of a large moving orb which showed as light right by my knee. I love proof and this to me is wonderful.

light[1]Anthony sent me Lee’s paranormal photograph of the moving orb which you can see to the left hand side. It was the spirit of a young child and I felt that this little soul was the one I had drawn. His story was so sad. Apparently, upstairs was a school room and in the olden days some children were taught in church or church halls. I felt that this was like a workhouse. These children did not come from a wealthy or privileged background and the little boy explained that they were naughty but not really naughty. I asked him why he had said that and he explained that they were locked in. This was a big tragedy. They were locked in and there was a fire and the whole schoolroom was destroyed. All the children died. Anthony had stated that he and others had felt sickness on the third floor.

I had received an email from Paul the next day with the findings of Eric Jones. Eric also confirmed that he has seen children and this he had discussed with Keith and Paul on the third floor. These children he felt were workhouse children and died at the same time by fire. Eric also stated that he had seen a coloured gentleman and a scene of a discussion between an iron master and the school house manager who wanted the iron master to contribute towards the upkeep of the school but more importantly towards the costs of the treatment of the children who were suffering from an illness which was an epidemic in the school. This fits in with the date around 1830s to late 1800s as there was a Cholera outbreak in Merthyr Tydfil.

Cholera is an acute illness caused by infection of the intestine with the bacterium 'vibrio cholerae'. Statistics show the severity of the infection in Victorian Wales since just under half the people who were infected died of it - 1,520 dead out of 3,612 cases in just a few months. (The first case recorded here was on 25 May 1849 in Merthyr Tydfil)

People usually catch the disease through drinking contaminated water and areas without clean drinking water are most at risk. Could these children have had cholera? Again, I feel that we have not got the full story of how those children died. We know they died by fire and that they were locked in. I have to go back.


orb4[1]03The little urchin said he loved the pretty girls and the pretty lights of the nightclub and I believe that they are playing when they come down from the school room onto the dance floor. Can you see the figures inside the paranormal orb photograph left?

jane[1]02Another spirit came through and stated his name was Jeremiah Jones. I then felt urgency about the whole situation and a panic swept through my body. There was guilt here, a lot of guilt. This person had felt responsible for the children dying but I felt I had a good person here not someone who could lock children up in a tinder box and then set it alight. In his soul he felt that if he could somehow pay back or prevent the same event happening again in the future it would balance his karma. He felt that he could have prevented the fire. That is why he plays with the electric in the club he is stopping anything bad happening and he caused the blackout earlier. This went through me with big shivers and that is when spirit give me confirmation that something is ‘spot on.’ Anthony confirmed that an electrician had been looking at the electricity in the club.

Chris and Paul came back downstairs from the main dance floor and we could not believe it but daylight was streaming through the top of the closed door - it was 5.00 am in the morning and it was daylight. As Chris packed up the cameras and video camera I took more paranormal photographs.

chris[1]To my amazement on returning home one of these was a fantastic paranormal photograph of Chris by his camera on the ground floor dance floor around this time with dozens of orbs around him.

chris1[1]Left you can see close ups of Chris and the orb by his head. The next day as we viewed the video clip of Chris and Paul upstairs in the main dance floor there were two paranormal video clips.

chrisorb[1]02 Left is a close up of the orb above Chris’ head.  Please note that all three paranormal video clips are now attached to this psychic investigation. One is attached in the web page entitled ‘paranormal video clip 2’ which shows an orb come down the middle of the clip towards the camera and I have slowed this right down in order for you to see the object or orb more clearly. I have lightened this paranormal video clip in normal speed and in slow speed.

banner302[1]03All of the paranormal video clips can now be found on the web site Paranormal Videos.

The next days were busy and I was unable to write this story. On Thursday morning around 9.20 a.m. I had placed some chicken pieces in the oven to cook for the dog’s dinner. Later that morning after work around 10.00 a. m. I went for a shower and then coming down went in front of the mirror in the hall to do my hair. All of a sudden I heard the clicking of the cooker and I turned around towards the kitchen door and the sound. There were black footsteps coming towards me and then disappeared. I was not scared as I have seen too much this lifetime and I know there is a reason for everything. I went into the kitchen the oven was turned off. Our spirit friend had turned the oven off . I feel that this must be symbolic and he must think this story is important so I canceled work for that night and started to write this story.


davepaulchris[1]Left is a photograph of Dave, Paul and Chris just before leaving around 5.00 a. m. There is still the stories to come of ‘The Three Psychic Bouncers.’ as well as some stunning evidence of Jeremiah Jones. There is a registrar record of Jeremiah Jones marrying his sweetheart Rachel James in Wales in 1815. There is also another record of him becoming a policeman in 1830.

There are also the Merthyr Tydfil riots in 1831 which could possibly link our policeman in the same area. There is important research work to come on how the Jewish community integrated into the Welsh community around the 1830s onwards which I feel is part of the story as well as where the name of Kirkhouse came from. There were two famous connections with the surname but also the name Kirk means church and this was a church hall.


I received an email from Anthony which contained a link to his photographs of the Psychic Investigation at the Kooler’s in July 2007:-

orb21[1]In addition Anthony sent me some of Lee’s paranormal orb photographs taken that night. I looked through these photographs and was able to enhance one of the orbs for you to see. It is amazing and you can clearly see many faces inside. Anthony also confirmed that the Memorial Hall was named after a famous Minister called ‘Kirkhouse’. Anthony had found a history book on Merthyr Tydfil which confirmed this fact.


I received an email from Anthony giving a brief profile of the staff involved in the psychic activity in Kooler’s Nightclub.

Anthony Wayne Thomas

Anthony has had unexplained experiences most of his life. Approximately six years ago he and his girlfriend moved into a new house and after a few months the paranormal activity lead them to seek help from a local medium. This medium also went to the Kooler’s nightclub as Anthony had been aware of the paranormal activity in the club and now takes photographs whenever he can. Anthony states that this has now taken over his life and is a new chapter in his book of life. Anthony has published a book - web link:-

Keith Taylor

Keith attended Spiritualist Church undertaking awareness classes. His experience in the spiritual side span over fifteen years and considers himself the medium of the ‘Psychic Bouncers.’ Keith believes the nightclub has a story to tell and has been researching into the paranormal activity. He had sensed the children and worked with his own psychic talents to find out more about what happened. He helped Anthony, Lee and Neil most nights encouraging and gently guiding them to bring out their own psychic abilities.

Lee Ardell

Lee has been interested in the paranormal since young. On hearing about the paranormal activity in the nightclub he decided to help Anthony in his psychic investigations. Anthony showed Lee the paranormal photographs he had taken in the club and Lee decided to have a go himself. In the early hours of the morning when the nightclub was closed Lee would stay behind with Anthony taking photographs. For weeks he would take paranormal photographs and learn about about mediumship with Keith. He was fascinated.

Lee has taken some spectacular paranormal orb photographs and states ‘the faces in some of them are as plain as day.’

Neil Lewis

I know in the write up we mention the Three Psychic Doormen but I think I should introduce you to the fourth member. Neil had been with Anthony and the other doormen every night in the club taking paranormal photographs and studying the place. On the night of the psychic investigation Neil couldn’t make it as he been working but will be there hopefully for the next one.

Neil states, ‘I know we are close to seeing something, it’s just a matter of time.’

David Coggins’ Report Update September 2007

Back ground - The club has existed since 1940 either as a club or pub, prior to this it was a builders yard, a school a working men’s hall and an or an orphanage. Between 1850-1870 this area was very active as the road led to the China town area of Merthyr. There has also been an Einon church in this area. Further history can be obtained from local historian Lee Arndell.

On arriving at the club we were met by three doormen, who told us of physic activity that had been taking place there. It seems that this has mainly started about eight weeks ago. The doormen have over 700 pictures of orbs on their video camera. The main areas of activity seem to be on the dance floor upstairs or in the ladies toilet on the third floor.

The three men actually saw orbs or lights appear one night recently that went through the walls. Not one but several. The activities that have taken place were electrical interference lights going on and off, power cuts, music coming on and off, shadows, female voices, cold air, shadows on the fire escape. A cleaner reports glasses and optics actually smashing before her eyes. Reports of doors opening and closing and persons entering and disappearing in the ladies toilet. These events do not frighten people, but make them feel uneasy. Vicky the owner reports a mysterious fire and smoke. There are also reports of seeing an old woman. I spoke to keith who is a medium and Anthony Thomas. Alan Thomas can be contacted by email:-


I received an email from Anthony:-

‘Bit of news for you. There is another alleyway in the club on the opposite side to the other one where people go out to smoke - there is a room there where the staff put all the empty bottles.One of the staff touched a live wire in there this week and had a bit of a shock. In temper, he punched this panel and the panel came off to discover another room, this is more or less where Paul Prosser who was dowsing had said his rods were coming in and out. Anyway, the following day the handyman of the club went to climb through to see what was in this room and one of the cleaners being nosey went with him. Next thing you know, she is running out of the club screaming. Other staff went after to see what was wrong and she told them that she had seen something go at the handyman with an axe. She was in an hell of a mess, the room turned out to be old toilets - I don’t know how long ago. Anyway, it just puts a bit more mystery about the club.

UPDATE 6TH NOVEMBER 2007 - 2nd Part of the Psychic Investigation into Kooler’s Nightclub

Psychic Investigators attending:- Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins and Paul Prosser.

Also attending were Lance from Bridgend SNU along with his daughter Jodie and her partner Bob; four from Newbridge Spiritualist Centre - Rebecca, Ian, Angela and Tina. Finally, Anthony and his girlfriend from the Kooler’s nightclub along with Keith and Lee.

So many people wanted to come to the second part of this psychic investigation that I put them into three teams which were lead by Keith, Lance and Paul. Chris wandered around taking photographs whilst I undertook the psychic art work by the bar on the ground floor. I gave the teams a task and certain questions to answer.

boy1[1]The first psychic art portrait drawn was of a spirit boy who stated that he was an orphan. He went on to tell me that his group of orphan children were living off the streets and considered as problem and dirty children. They stole to survive and everybody avoided them fearful of their property. The markets detested them. It reminded me a little bit like ‘Oliver’ and the character ‘Fagan’ with his gang of little urchins. He went on to tell me that some of the more vicious of the children were locked up in the workhouse which is now The Kirkhouse. Society did not trust them and therefore that was the reason why they were locked up. The most amazing fact is that every psychic investigator team picked up on the group of orphans that night. This little orphan admitted that he started the fire not expecting the devastation that it would ultimately cause.

girl4[1]Another spirit came through and this girl was the same one that was raped. She told me that she had everything to look forward to and resented what happened to her. After looking at the two psychic art portraits I can see the familiarity in the two pictures. I am not really sure who the next psychic art portrait is but I didn’t particular like his personality and I felt he was too strict and had a bad temper. Anthony and Keith felt this was Kirkhouse himself and I will have to research on the internet to try and find a portrait of him.

man1[1]As I drew him I was on my own downstairs and I felt uneasy and smelt an earthy smell. I finished this psychic art portrait and immediately felt the urge to draw again. This was a strong person and I looked up very quickly and standing not two steps away from me was the ghost of this priest that is drawn. Chris joined me and kept sniffing as if he could smell something different. I didn’t want to influence Chris and asked him what could he smell and he responded to my surprise. The earth from a grave - ‘damp earth.’

priest1[1]I saw the priest only the once but Jodie and her sceptic partner also saw the priest that night and confirmed that the psychic art portrait was the person they saw. The only thing that the priest told me was that he had locked the children in and felt guilty about it. That fact has gone through me with a shiver and that is when spirit tell me something that is ‘spot on.’ He haunts The Kirkhouse and I think the children that died in the fire are with him. I feel that as long as the children are there he will be there. This reminds me of another psychic investigation - see ‘Psychic Investigation 1.’ By praying and forgiving this priest he may find it in his heart to forgive himself. This is one of the hardest things for him to do and that too has gone through me with a shiver.

He felt responsible for their deaths. Both Jodie and Lance smelt smoke on this second part of the second investigation along with Paul Prosser. I too, as I was drawing the psychic art portraits, smelt smoke and noticed someone was watching me.

Story and Psychic Artwork copyright Jane S McCarthy 2007 and 2008

Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2007

Paranormal Video clips copyright Christopher McCarthy 2007

Webpage entitled ‘Psychic Investigation 10 - Kirkhouse Memorial’ 2014


















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