Psychic Investigation - Little Chef at Longparish - 20 January 2004

janegoldman[1]02Attending:- Psychic Investigators - Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins, Gaynor Mullins and Mike.  Jane Goldman with film crew from her Paranormal Programme for Channel 4, UK Living etc

The Little Chef at Longparish were experiencing some unusual difficulties. One of the employees felt that her Aunt that had died, called Alice, was haunting the Little Chef. In addition, two of the other employees would not go into the back room which used to be a tearoom to collect equipment in order to clean the premises. The two girls experienced feelings of unease and a presence. Indeed, when I was telephoned to inquire whether our team of investigators could come out the staff were quite frightened and there were reports of bread rolls being thrown at customers and objects moving with cold spots appearing. The Psychic Investigators were called in.

Poltergeist activity is quite rare and different from the usual paranormal events such as a haunting. It could be happening for many reasons. On one occasion, it was the psychic energy of a young person who was sensitive that caused a lot of dramatic poltergeist like activity. In another case, it was an unbalanced energy line which was negative causing a lot of adverse activity such as objects flying through the air etc. When the energy is naturally high, psychic activity is increased and spirit and guides around people can be more easily sensed by those who do not normally feel anything. It may be that the young member of staff at the Little Chef had around her the spirit of her aunt guiding her but because of the high energy was able to sense, hear or see her which she would not normally do.

In this psychic investigation the energy lines of the area would have to be worked out. To do this I bought an ordnance Survey map of the area and proceeded to dowse for the energy lines around the Little Chef. After working hours on the map it showed three important sites. Two of these dowsed negative. One of the areas was approximately 2 to 3 miles away. In fact, this site had many, many energy lines going through it making it a very prominent and important high energy centre which dowsed negative and may be one of the reasons for the activity in the Little Chef. It was proved by Rob England, an employee, that one of the energy lines shown on the ordnance survey map from this centre indeed went through the Long Parish Little Chef.

During this pre-investigation work I was contacted by a researcher from Jane Goldman's Paranormal Programme asking if we had any cases of poltergeist activity. I was delighted to tell them of this case which they were very interested in and decided to film the psychic investigation on the 20 January 2004. Photograph to the right - Jane Goldman at the Psychic Investigation.

longparish4[1]Immediately upon arriving Mike, Gaynor and I felt the high energy. The local press were there to meet us and the first pictures of paranormal activity were shown on the journalist, Jo, from the Andover Advertiser. Left is a copy of Jo’s article showing her outside the Little Chef with Gaynor and myself. Paranormal photographs show a moving orb on Jo's leg - see paranormal photographs below.

jo5[1]The paranormal photograph left shows the orbs on Jo’s leg.  The close up photographs (below) show the inside of the paranormal activity in more detail as the photographs have been slightly darkened. If you look carefully you can see some faces.

jo6[1]         jo7[1]

The next paranormal photograph shows an orb under table 9 near the ‘Drinks Area’ where staff have reported most of the poltergeist activity takes place in the Little Chef. A close up photograph of the orb by the side which reveals what appears to be a face.

littlechef3[1]       Littlechef1[1]


Gaynor and I proceeded to pick up a lot of spirit in the Little Chef not just one. On dowsing the restaurant it appears that there were two energy lines crossing in the corridor leading to the little back room where the employees were frightened to go. Obviously, the high unbalanced energy was causing problems and allowing a lot of paranormal activity. Gaynor and I arranged to make notes of what we were picking up agreeing to exchange our findings at a meeting at the end in order that we would get more proof of what exactly was there. As the land where the Little Chef is located is so close to an abbey it could transpire that it was in past centuries abbey land and indeed I picked up monks.

art1[1]Gaynor picked up on the lady who ran the tearoom and through the psychic art we were able to confirm that one of the spirits in the Little Chef indeed could be this lady. Gaynor described the lady as bird like, strict and not happy. I picked up on a gentlemen and started to draw.

gentleman[1]I drew his picture (see left hand side) he was stroking my hair. Two female employees of the Little Chef had also experienced the feeling of their hair being stroked.As the light was going it was agreed that Rob England would accompany Christopher, Gaynor and myself to the important energy location 2/3 miles away. On the ordnance survey map it looked like a small footpath to a tumuli. This tumuli was where all the energy lines converged. When we arrived we could only go so far in the vehicles and it was very dark so we could not immediately find the footpath. However, there were two small houses adjacent to very large gates which looked like the entrance to a big house. As it appeared we were lost Chris and I proceeded to knock on the door of one of the houses and it was confirmed by the occupant that we were indeed by the footpath and close to or in fact on the tumuli. I got out the dowsing rods- yes we were in the correct area. The two girls from the Little Chef by now had joined us and we stood in a circle to say prayers to balance the energy centre.

Healing of the energy should not be undertaken by anyone who is not experienced as it can cause sickness and adverse effects. On this occasion, I instructed all what to do and as soon as the prayers were over three of us were pushed from behind. Christopher, my husband, is the biggest skeptic and has not changed his mind in the 17 years I have known him. But that night he too felt like he was being pushed from either side, a squeezing effect. Both Rob and myself felt the push and indeed the impact made me drop the rods onto the floor. We were all pleased to hear that the filming crew had captured the push on camera. Rob had never experienced anything like it and agreed with Chris that he was a skeptic but now is a firm believer in poltergeist activities and that there is more to the paranormal than he thought. Chris took photographs after the healing and was amazed to see the following photographs.

gaynor3[1]     gaynor5[1]


One paranormal photograph shows Rob with a large orb above his head. To the right hand side is a close up of the orb - please note that the photograph has been slightly lightened.

rob3[1]     rob4[1]

The second healing in the other location proved to be balanced and nothing out of the unusual happened. On arriving back at the Little Chef, Gaynor remarked in the change of the energy of the place. We held our meeting and a lot of the research work is ongoing by Dave Coggins. One thing that I did pick up was that the Little Chef was built on hallow ground and Dave Coggins on interviewing the staff did find out that there were old yew trees in the garden. Yew trees are renown to be planted in grave yards.

7 March 2004:-

I telephoned the Little Chef and spoke to Rob England who states that they have not had any further paranormal/poltergeist problems since the psychic investigation. On telephoning Rob in April 2004 he reported that an employee still felt her hair being stroked.

This investigation was reported in the Andover Advertiser in January. In addition, story published in the Psychic Voice Newspaper May 2004.

Written and copyright by Jane McCarthy 2004, Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2004

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