Psychic Investigations (12) - Studio Bar, Merthyr Tydfil - 16th March 2008


The Psychic Investigators were called out by Anthony (please see Psychic Investigation ‘10’ into the Kooler’s Nightclub) Anthony had set up a wrestling ring inside the Studio Bar Merthyr Tydfil approximately twelve months ago. He stayed late one night and took some photographs of the ring and was surprised by the number of spirit orbs in the photographs.

Psychic Investigators attending: Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Maggie and guest psychic investigators Tina and Angela from Newbridge Spiritualist Church.

Anthony, Keith and Lee met us along with two other guests to look around the closed building. The Studio Bar used to be a cinema and must have been a very impressive building in it’s heyday. However, apart from the downstairs bowling alley and bar it was very much in disrepair. Indeed, there were signs of renovation on most of the other floors of the building. In some places, the windows were broken and the cool air of March came through. In the wrestling ring there were no windows so the light was very dim although it was daylight outside. Perfect for paranormal photographs. Chris took the above paranormal photograph of orbs above the wrestling ring.

orb10a[1]Anthony gave us a tour of the haunted building. All of us felt the presence of spirit around us. I set up the computer in the room containing the wrestling ring and settled down to undertake some psychic art portraits whilst the rest of the psychic investigators explored the building. Maggie joined me and went into the ring. Immediately, both of us picked up on two fighters. Left is a paranormal photograph of Maggie in the ring - notice an orb on her head. I took many paranormal photographs of Maggie whilst she was in the ring showing small and large orbs.

orb2c[1]Below are some of the close ups of the orbs.


orb35[1]Notice the figures in the top right of the spirit orb left. Below is a close up of the figures shown in the orb for you to see the faces.


I started to draw and the details emerged as Maggie and I worked with the spirit in the room.

man4[1]Two characters came through very strong. They had fought. Up until this moment we did not know any details about the building or why the wrestling ring was there. Both Maggie and I picked up on the two men fighting with fists not wrestling. Maggie picked up on the name of Gernos. There is a troubled estate called Gernos in Merthyr Tydfil. The one man was a very cocky young character who wanted to be somebody. He wanted to be the leader of his pack and was looking for trouble. The second character (see psychic art portrait above) was a family man with children and much older and stockier in build. He didn’t want trouble and was trying to keep the peace. However, these two fought and unfortunately others joined in. The larger man was knocked out with head injuries. He did recover to some effect but died later in hospital. Both Maggie and I felt that this was boxing and that money was involved. His family were devastated and we both felt the sadness and injustice of passing and leaving behind his family. That went through me with a shiver and that is when spirit come in close and give me confirmation that something is correct - it is like someone walking over your grave.

maggie1[1]Chris took some photographs of Maggie in the ring and there were loads of orbs. However, this paranormal photograph has caused discussion between Chris and myself. Chris, the more skeptic, believes that the red of Maggie’s jumper is bleeding into the photograph. I have to agree he proved to me that on some photographs taken that day some did have bleeding from the red of her jumper but this one was different. What do you think? There certainly looks like a figure above Maggie’s head.


Chris had his own experience in the projection room which is covered by plastic - see photograph left. As he walked into the room all the plastic lifted up and the hairs at the back of his head stood on end. For Chris to be spooked is really unusual but he was on this occasion.

orb1a[1]In the paranormal photograph above you can see to the right hand side many orbs in the plastic. To the left is a close up of one of those orbs. Chris was on his own on this occasion but many entered into the projection room and they did not experience the lifting of the plastic. Chris put this down to the heat of his body. Everybody joined us in the room with the wrestling ring.

orb11a[1]Tina and Angela clambered into the ring and stood in either corner. To the left is Tina with a load of orbs around her.


Below is a paranormal photograph of Angela with a pink orb coming towards her. To the right is a close up of that orb which has been enhanced.

pinkorbd[1]       pinkorbb[1]


pinkorb[1]The pink orb left has not been enhanced and you can clearly see the lilac to one side. Below are several close up of more orbs taken that day.

orb8a[1]   orb92[1]



Merthyr Tydfil is steeped in history and used to be a thriving town. However, the beautiful buildings built when Merthyr was in it’s heyday are now declining and ghosts roam around the once magnificent buildings groaning like the wind in windows that are no more. It came as no surprise that the Studio Bar was haunted and most of these paranormal photographs were taken inside on a Sunday afternoon. The psychic art portrait was recognised by one of the psychic investigators that afternoon as one that brushed past them in a small room off the wrestling ring. The following week we checked the video camera and you can clearly see an orb traveling across the floor of the wrestling ring. This paranormal video will be uploaded in the near future.

Psychic art portrait copyright Jane McCarthy 2008

Paranormal and orb photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2008

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