picture2[1]02This Psychic Investigation was published in ‘Fate & Fortune’ in September 2006.

orb14[1]02Psychic Investigation (2) - Beighton, Sheffield. Close up of dimensional orb (left) taken at the negative energy centre

Sally Needham wrote a letter in response to a competition that we undertook with Fate and Fortune Magazine. Sally explained in her letter that she lived on an estate which had been built approximately six years ago and had experienced paranormal activity in her own house over the years. Doors were mysteriously opening, unexplained noises, cold spots and breezes and a lot of electrical faults such as the television, stereo and kettle going off and on and lights flickering. Her daughter's bedroom is on the first floor and she woke up one night by tapping on her window. Frightened, Sally and her daughter talked to their neighbours and found out that they too were experiencing similar paranormal activity. Lindsey and her mother lived two doors down from Sally and wondered whether the estate was built on hallow ground as the local Parish Church in Beighton was very old and this would explain the exceptional paranormal activity

Sally's letter came second in the competition but all of us felt they needed help. I telephoned Sally and told her we would undertake the investigation at a further date. Sally was delighted and we kept in touch.


It was arranged that the following Psychic Investigators would be going to Sheffield to undertake the investigation:-

Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins

However, the week before the psychic investigation Dave Coggins broke his elbow in two places and was in plaster from his shoulder down to his fingers. Dave was upset at not being able to go and we really missed his help and assistance.

As on most of our psychic investigations I worked out the energy lines on an ordnance survey map. I dowsed the area on the map and what a big surprise. After a short while it became very clear that approximately one mile from Beighton was a large energy centre which dowsed negative. This reminded me of a previous investigation we had undertaken with the Little Chef in Andover. High negative energy may account for a lot of the electrical paranormal activity. Below is a photograph of the ordnance survey map showing the energy centre. The dot and number one represents where Sally lives and the purple cross represents the local parish church.

map1[1]On further investigation it transpires that in Beighton Parish Church is a grave for Lucretia Smith who is stated to be 'Queen of the Gypsies.' As this parish church was also close to the estate we all wondered whether this had anything to do with the case and something else for us to investigate. In fact there is a local public house named after the Gypsy Queen.

If you click on the link below it will take you to a site which gives the history on Beighton:-

Chris and I arrived in our hotel in Sheffield on the 14th March 2005 at approximately 2.00 pm. Chris was checking the camera equipment by taking photographs in our room. Straight away several photographs showed spirit orbs - we were not alone. Below you can see a paranormal photograph of Chris in our room with a green orb on him. To the right hand side is a close up of that orb.

chris1       chrisorb

The close up of the above orb has been enlarged so that you can see the inside more clearly.  Can you see the Celtic Cross?  Sally telephoned and we arranged to meet at her home. On the way we called into Beighton Parish Church and tried to find Lucretia Smith's grave.

graveyard[1]This grave eluded us but we noted how close the church graveyard was to the local housing estate - see photograph above. Finally, we get to meet Sally and it was like meeting an old friend. Although you could tell that Sally was nervous and was wondering what was going to happen I felt she soon relaxed and we were laughing as she explained some of the paranormal activity that had taken place. Sally is a very caring lady with a bubbly sense of humour which was very uplifting and I did remark she would make a wonderful nurse.

sallyorb4[1]I felt spirit and Chris took photographs as we chatted. I told her about her grandmother being close to her for some time now and also a father figure who had come to help because she had asked for a new beginning. As we talked her father came in stronger and stronger and the paranormal photograph to the right was taken in Sally's kitchen which shows an orb slightly above her. I started a psychic art drawing hoping to capture an image of her father but as I started to draw I realised this was a younger man around the age of 30 to 40. Spirit started to talk to me and I relayed the information on to Sally. This man had a love of motor bikes growing up. He had a very young outlook on life and had a distinctive tattoo. There was something about cars as well. I felt he was with Sally for two reasons. I showed her the psychic art drawing and she told me that the picture looked like a close friend of hers called Paul King. This was strange, spirit don't normally give me someone who is alive to draw and I picked up the name Elizabeth but she was called Betty. I also picked up unfinished business connected with a child and the letter J. Sally could not explain these details so telephoned Paul and he said he would come over to meet us. Below is the psychic art drawing.

gareth3[1]         sallyorb1

The orb photograph above was taken in the large energy centre. Can you see the likeness of the face inside to Gary’s psychic art drawing? This spirit orb was taken above Sally’s head. 

Lindsey and her mother arrived and the tea flowed as we all chatted about the paranormal activity. I felt very drawn to Lindsey and I know one day she would help with the spiritual work as she was very sensitive and caring. Her mother had the most wicked sense of humour and I could have listened to her for hours. However, back to work Lindsey explained that after the initial six months of moving to Beighton the paranormal activity had started. Lindsey had also experienced tapping on the window and there were no trees visible in the street to the make the noise. On one occasion, her bed started to shake. Lindsey was clearly upset and frightened by all of the goings on but also curious. Lindsey did not like living in Beighton and felt it was all wrong.

dad[1]To the left is a psychic art drawing that I was working on when this conversation took place and Lindsey's mother confirmed it looked like her father when he was younger. I explained to them that this spirit had cancer due to heavy smoking and he would have called have called his daughter a 'bobby dazzler'. Lindsey's mother laughed with delight and confirmed that is what he called her. When Paul arrived he confirmed that the other drawing was of his deceased brother called Gary King. Paul also confirmed that the details were correct and that Gary had died tragically hit by a taxi. His mother's cousin name is Betty and yes, his brother had a child, a girl. Sally was learning the tarot cards and was slowly increasing her awareness of spirit and Gary had taken the opportunity to try and communicate with her to find his daughter. Gary was the one tapping on the window and the one creating a lot of the paranormal activities such as the flickering of lights. He desperately wanted his daughter to be found. Do you know where Gary King's daughter is? This is a plea from spirit and is very important. Please email me at if you can help and I will pass the information onto the family.

paul[1]The family would be so delighted to find you darling and your father in spirit is also in his way trying to make sure you are found by telling this story On the right is a photograph of Paul. I missed Dave Coggins as undertaking the interviewing I was only able to do the two psychic art drawings. Time was ticking on and I had nothing unusual in the house other than the spirits you would normally expect around most people ie father, grandmother etc - no gypsy queen. I intended to go to the large energy centre and all of them wanted to come. However, a friend arrived and Lindsey's mother could not come with us. So the five of us set out to find the location of the large energy centre. The light had gone and it was dark and unsure of the area I gave the map to Paul who was in Sally's car and we would follow them. Lindsey came with us and told us more about the area.

We both pulled up outside a large house which looked like a church Opposite was vacant land which looked like farmland. I got out my dowsing rods and immediately they picked up energy. In fact we were on an energy line as the rods started to come together very quickly. We were in the right area. Sally was very apprehensive and felt sick. Healing of the energy should not be undertaken by anyone who is not experienced as it can cause adverse effects such as sickness and flu symptoms. This work has been undertaken for years by people who are taught within the healing society usually by word of mouth.

psychicinveban[1]02Click left to read more about web page entitled 'energy lines' on how to heal the energy. As we gathered in a circle, I instructed the others in what to do and finished with a prayer for those in spirit to pass over to the light.

field7[1]We were totally surrounded by spirit and I felt complete joy in my heart. It was almost like they were welcoming and thanking us. Great joy. Below are just a few of the paranormal photographs taken that night. It was a wonderful experience and one Sally said she would never forget.

field6[1]Please note that the paranormal photographs have been slightly lightened for you to see all the orbs around us. Below are close ups of some of the brighter spirit orbs:-


orb81[1]     orb9[1]

Below is a paranormal photograph - notice an orb on Sally’s leg and one on my handbag.

field5[1]   orb2[1]

The above paranormal photograph is a close up of the orb on my handbag which has been slightly lightened in order that you can see inside.

legorb1To the right is a close up of the orb on Sally’s leg.  Finally a paranormal photograph that was taken just after the healing of the energy centre. Notice a large orb above our heads and one on Linsdey’s shoulder and at the bottom of her coat.  There is also a small orb on my leg.

field8[1]The negative energy centre could have caused a lot of the paranormal activity not only in Sally's area but also all around it. On coming out of the field I now noticed that the large house looked like a church. I intended to come back the following morning to investigate. The following morning I noticed a ‘for sale’ sign on the property.



church1[1]Chris and I introduced ourselves to the owner and I quickly realised we had come at the wrong time. One look at his face and I knew there was upset in the family. I immediately put my arms around him. Glen, the owner of the restored church above, showed us a bible from the original church which he rescued from a skip. He had lived in the house for eleven years and was lovingly restoring it and making it a home. There is an old pit further down the road and the miners of that pit one day many, many years ago were holding a prayer meeting. The owners of the pit, then Wakefield Council, gave them bricks to build a church.

Glen was sensing so much and had experienced paranormal activity such as the television going off and on and lights flickering. In addition, he had also noticed tapping on his first floor window in the night. Glen sensed the energy and knew when it was stronger at certain times in the month and did not understand what was going on. I feel spirit was contacting all who were sensitive in the area to try and communicate that something was wrong with this energy centre. If I had the money Glen I would buy your church but I wonder whether you will now sell it. The main church hall Glen is restoring and it certainly looks like a church but without the pews. Glen you and your family are beautiful people - God bless you and I hope and pray for healing for your child.

glen[1]I asked Glen if he would like to meet Sally and Lindsey and he quickly agreed. On the way we called in at Beighton Parish Church and left is a photograph of Glen showing us the grave of ‘The Gypsy Queen’ I believe that when Glen met Sally and Lindsey it was a soul group meeting. Glen was speechless when he saw Lindsey as she was the image of his girlfriend. The final paranormal photograph is one taken at the healing/balancing of the energy centre and it is a close up of an orb. If you look carefully you can see a picture inside of a monk. Also, a moving orb that was taken by Chris.

fieldorb[1]       chrisorbs[1]


The reason for all the paranormal activity was not I feel due to the gypsy queen. There was several reasons for the paranormal activity as explained in the story but the main one was to heal and balance the negative energy centre. However, I would also like to think that it is just as important for Gary’s daughter to be found. I would like to thank Sally, Lindsey and her mother and Glen for helping on this psychic investigation.  God bless you all and keep you safe.

Story & photographs copyright Jane S. McCarthy 2005

Photographs Christopher McCarthy 2005

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