picture2[1]03This Psychic Investigation (4) was published in ’Fate and Fortune’ Magazine - February 2005

Psychic Investigation (4) - Haunted Airfield - Hornchurch, Essex - 18 September 2004

Essex[1]Trudie Lavender entered the Take-a-Break, 'Fate and Fortune', competition in the August 2004 edition to win a Psychic Investigation in her house and area. Trudie and her husband, Des, live in an ex-Ministry of Defence house with their daughter, Molly who is 21 years old. Their house was once inhabited by Royal Air Force Officers when Hornchurch was an active airfield. It's location was actually part of the air base in those days but today lies at the edge of the old airfield. The family feel that the house, which was built in 1952, has a homely atmosphere but also feel that it is haunted. All the family hear unusual noises all the time like moans, groans, and footsteps. Indeed, in September 2004, Des and Trudie heard what sounded like a metal cabinet being drawn across a carpeted floor in an upstairs bedroom. Molly who was in that particular room at the time felt her bed shake and thought it was something her parents were doing downstairs!

The family dog, called Beauty, refused to go forward at a certain spot on the deserted airfield during a walk. Beauty tried to hide behind the legs of her mistress and in the end Trudie had to pick her up and carry her. On one occasion, Trudie heard very loud noises outside the house in the middle of the night. This noise was in the direction of the deserted airfield. Trudie lay in bed puzzling what the noise could be and finally decided that it sounded like several old aeroplane engines running.

In her mind Trudie said to herself, “It's noisy tonight.”

Immediately as if to reply Trudie heard a voice in her bedroom, “Yeah, it is isn't it?”

The Psychic Investigators voted that Trudie's letter won the investigation and a date was arranged to visit the family house and deserted airfield.

Psychic Investigators Chris and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins

Before entering the house we all met at a local public house in order that details could be finalised. What a delightful family. I immediately picked up that Trudie and Molly have their own psychic abilities. I saw that the family had with them two dogs in spirit one was a black Labrador and the other was a black and white Collie dog. I have undertaken thousands of aura readings and the first thing I saw about Trudie were the beautiful colours of vibrant lilac and a very pale pink. These are very healing colours. Trudie has recently started her own alternative therapies business and undertakes Aromatherapy and Reflexology in one of the upstairs bedrooms which has been decorated in lilac shades.

On entering their house I sat down and started to draw whilst Chris and David went on a guided tour around the place. Chris was continually taking photographs the whole time. He entered the room in which I was sitting drawing psychic art and he took the following paranormal photographs of orbs. You can clearly see the face in the orb on the right hand side.

orb22[1]     orb1


When I darkened the outside of the face orb and lightened the inside you could see the face more clearly and also that the man was wearing a cap and gray shirt.

lad5[1]I drew a psychic art picture (see left) of a young boy aged approximately 7 or 8 years old. The poor little lad was turning his face away from me as if some of his face was not there. I wrote on the drawing at the time that he had a birthmark and harelip. Trudie confirmed later on that this little one was part of her family and unfortunately did not survive. My thoughts and prayers go with Trudie and her family in their loss. The little one could not stay on the earth plane and grounded his special healing energies before departing. Now he acts as guide to his family by helping and assisting in the healing. Trudie confirms that part of his face was disfigured with a purple birthmark and he had a harelip. God bless this little one.

We arranged to meet later on for a midnight walk on the deserted airfield. As we walked on to the airfield all of us stopped, not knowing that we were standing where the main runway had once been. (We found this out later when consulting a wartime map.) I felt so many around us. Molly and Chris took many paranormal photographs of orbs coming towards us. In one of Molly's photographs you can see the orbs as they get closer. I saw that all of them were disfigured as if a lot of them had many limbs missing. It very much reminded me of Michael Jackson's video 'Thriller' and I think I did mention this fact. It was horrendous. I asked everybody to stand still and in their minds say the Lord's Prayer and to pray for healing for these poor souls. We carried on, again stopping at a crossroads to say more prayers. Here again we all felt so many spirit around us. They were young and all died around the same time within a fortnight of each other.

I was walking with Trudie when suddenly a whoosh of cold air went right through the both of us. I felt spirit and saw a Spitfire aeroplane down on the ground. Trudie saw the pilot and described him as blonde, curly hair and young around his twenties. I started to say a name - I thought it was Pearce or something like that.... a Captain of a Spitfire aeroplane. Trudie finished the word, 'Pease' she said. The streets around the airfield are named after the Spitfire pilots and one of them is called Pease Close.

When we got back to the house Des looked up the name Pease in one of his reference books and there indeed is a young Flying Officer with fair, curly hair aged 22 years old just like Trudie saw. His Spitfire was damaged in action on the 7 September 1940 and he managed to survive a forced landing back at his base in Hornchurch. He was killed in the Battle of Britain on the 15 September 1940 when his Spitfire was shot down over Kingswood in Kent and crashed a few miles south east of Maidstone. The anniversary of his death was just three days earlier.

man2[1]There were many psychic art drawings of people that were associated with the family but one stood out as it looked like a typical airman - see psychic art picture to the left hand side. UPDATE - November 2004: - Trudy Lavender confirms that a lady, called Beth, who was having an aromatherapy session, stated she saw the spirit of an airman and described him with a moustache. After the healing session, Trudie showed Beth the above psychic drawing and to her amazement she confirmed that it was the man she saw.

I feel that this family are learning more and more about the paranormal. Trudie with her healing ways has drawn in spirits from her local area that needed help. I feel that Molly is also very gifted and would one day use her gifts to help others. The young lad's presence is very much felt by all of them and this is the spirit that is playing upstairs and making all the noises and playing with the toys. God bless you both.


I received an email from Trudie Lavender who states she came across a picture of Flying Officer John Mungo-Park in a book about Hornchurch who looks exactly like the psychic art picture and showed Beth who confirms that he is the man she saw. Beth stated that the impression she got was that he was ‘a cad!’

John[1]Flying Office John Mungo-Park of 74 Squadron became an ace with 11 confirmed victories before he was lost over the Channel on the 27th June 1941. Please see photograph of Flying Officer John Mungo-Park to the left hand side. Trudie states there is a road named after him in Hornchurch about 400 yards from where she lives.

Photographs copyright Christopher McCarthy September 2004

Story and Psychic art copyright Jane McCarthy 6 October 2004

Psychic Investigations 4


22 August 2004

I received a letter from Anneliese who visited Craig-y-Nos Castle with her skeptic friends. Before they entered the castle one of her friends took a photograph with her digital camera and was surprised to see a large orb above Anneliese's head. During the tour of the castle Anneliese saw a lady on the stage in the theatre and a swirling black mass on the stairs. The Psychic Investigators were called in.

Psychic Investigators: Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins, Mike Introducing two new Psychic Medium/Clairvoyants from Bridgend Church - Anne Evans and Margaret Telford.

Craig-y-Nos is situated on the banks of the river Tawe in the Swansea Valley. The original mansion was built in a Gothic style in 1841-3 by a retired Indian Army Officer. In 1878 it was bought by the celebrated and successful Adelina Patti who transformed the mansion by adding two billiard rooms, a clock tower, conservatory and an aviary. The grounds were beautifully laid out with terraced lawns which led down to the river. Adelina Patti was a very successful coloratura soprano and earned a small fortune which she lavished on Craig-y-Nos. Adelina added a private theatre in the year 1890 where she entertained her rich and famous guests. Adelina Patti lived on in Craig-y-Nos until her death in 1919 and the castle was opened as a TB hospital in 1921. Please see web site for details:-

Before entering the castle, I clicked away with my camera and straight away saw orbs in the photographs. On entering the bar we were greeted by Anneliese and her two friends. Margaret and I sat at one of the tables away from all the hub of the bar and I proceeded to draw a picture. Anneliese came up and introduced Colin, a delightful gentleman who lived in the castle. Colin took people around in the dead of night explaining all about the history of the castle. It was clear from the start he loved the place and as he talked more about the past inhabitants of the castle a strong female presence was around him. I continued to draw this wonderful healing energy that was delighting in Colin's talk. I asked Colin if there was a ball room - I saw glittering dresses and happy celebrations marred with a touch of sadness. Margaret immediately picked up on the tragedy of a spirit at one of these glittering occasions. Margaret is such a strong medium who has the gentle voice of spirit when she talks through their tragedy with such feeling. I almost felt that Margaret was experiencing the emotion and as she talked I too felt like crying. As I drew the picture below Anneliese came over and stated that it looked like Adelina Patti and indeed we found a picture of a younger Adelina in one of the rooms.

patti1[1]       patti[1]

ballroomorb[1]03In the ballroom Anne and Margaret started to laugh and dance. As they danced I clicked my camera and the following paranormal photograph is a close up of the orb by the side. Indeed, they will be surprised to see that a gentleman was watching them dance. The theatre was beautiful and all of us were in awe. Colin put on the only recording of Adelina Patti's voice which was taped when she was 6l years old. As the music floated around us and the still beautiful voice filled the theatre I saw her on the stage. The shadows moved and danced as the music played. Indeed, this is where Anneliese and her friends also felt spirit around them. I captured a beautiful blue orb on the left hand side of the stage exactly where Anneliese saw shadows move. Below is the paranormal photograph of the stage and a close up of the orb which has been lightened.

craigorb2[1]       orb221[1]




lilacorb2[1]To our amazement when the photographs were shown later that night on the laptop there is a lilac orb the first and only one Chris has captured on camera by the side of Dave Coggins’ head. This paranormal photograph was taken in the theatre as the music was being played. Since this paranormal photograph has been taken another lilac orb was taken at a London conference again around Dave.

craigorb4[1]The close up paranormal orb photograph to the left was taken in the TB Hospital. Please note that this photograph has been lightened for you to see inside. Can you see figures?

Behind the theatre is a small area and all of us felt the atmosphere straight away. Anne sighed. Both Margaret and I felt the sad energy of a young man that had taken his life behind the stage itself by hanging. Many orb photographs were taken in this area. Anne, Margaret and I held hands and said prayers for the soul of this young man whose sadness we all felt. We prayed that this young man could forgive himself and pass over into the light and as his energy was released we all felt the whoosh go through us. Tears were in our eyes. I lead the way up the stairs to the wards of the TB hospital and stopped. They were all around us and they took my breath away. This is where Anneliese saw a swirling black shape. On the way back down these stairs I captured on orb so yes, Anneliese you were right in what you saw.

The hospital was amazing dust was everywhere. Here there was no electricity and the torches and the flash of cameras clearly showed up thousands of particles of dust. Strange, because this answers one question why didn’t all the dust show up in the pictures as orbs. In this extremely dusty place there were very few orb photographs. The main orb photographs were taken in Adelina Patti's bedroom as both Margaret and I felt her spirit. I saw a gypsy costume dancing around me and Colin confirmed that Adelina indeed did wear a gypsy costume. The worst place was the bedroom and both Anne, Margaret and I sensed something very wrong happened here. Indeed, a woman rushed at me screaming which took me back a little. Margaret was nearly crying as she explained that this lady killed her child. Margaret saw blood everywhere. Again, the three of us held hands and said prayers for the soul not only of the lady but also her child who had stayed behind for his mother. Margaret placed a little poem that Colin had found in one of the bedrooms 'a beautiful poem for a mother.' God have mercy on your soul.

orb211[1]The basement was a surprise but not too spooky. The close up of an orb from a paranormal photograph is to the left which was taken in the basement.

At the end of the evening we retired to a smoking room and as I listened to Colin talking relaying on the history of the building on how it had become a castle it was clear that he was slightly in awe of Adelina Patti and perhaps a little bit in love with this Queen of Song. I jokingly said as much in the bar later on seeing that beautiful lilac orb photograph. I would like to believe that this spirit is aware of her charismatic presence on her beautiful 'Home Sweet Home' - her favourite song.

Story copyright Jane McCarthy 2004

Photographs copyright Christopher and Jane McCarthy 2004

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