Psychic Investigation 5 - Rhymney House Hotel on the 20th November 2005

21934a_1_[1]02I was contacted by Lisa who wanted to come to a service I was undertaking at Briton Ferry Spiritualist Church in Neath. Lisa came along to the service on the 21st September 2005 with a friend called Austin. Austin undertakes his own Psychic Investigations in Craig Y Nos - to visit the site click on

It was a very emotional service. Services in Spiritualist churches are the same as any other church with prayers and hymns being sung except at the end. The Medium/Minister will connect with loved ones in spirit to give those special messages of comfort and reassurance. Some of these messages help those who grieve to understand there is no death. On this occasion, a family sitting in the back row received a message from a young man in spirit who had passed over tragically in a traffic accident. As the details emerged both the family and I were in tears.

The following day, I had another email from Lisa asking me if I was interested in conducting an investigation at The Rhymney House Hotel, Rhymney, Tredegar. Lisa went on to explain that there was quite a lot of activity at the hotel and the owner, Rob, was keen to find out why. Some of the details they knew as they had already undertaken two previous investigations with other paranormal groups. These groups were more scientific and proved that the activity was certainly there by why. I wrote back agreeing and explained that this may take many trips to the hotel as spirit give stories piece by piece as you can see in our previous psychic investigations.

I was also contacted by Paul Prosser, a work colleague of my husband Chris. Paul lives in Tredegar and asked if he could come along to the next psychic investigation and also could he bring his friend called Eric. I don't believe in coincidences. I truly believe that Paul and Eric were meant to be on this investigation and invited them to join us.

Pre Psychic Investigation - 20th November 2005

The Rhymney House Hotel is situated close to the A465 Heads of the Valley's road. It was built in c1801 as the residence of the manager of the Rhymney Iron Company and is a grade 11 listed building.

Psychic Investigators present:

Chris and Jane McCarthy, Dave and Sheila Coggins, Pam Pitten, Lisa and Austin, Paul Prosser and Eric

map3[1]In most of my psychic investigations I work out the energy lines on an ordnance survey map and to the left hand side you can see the one I worked on for this investigation. It become quite clear early on that there were many energy centres around the hotel. Two dowsed negative and may be the reason why so much paranormal activity. Rob, the owner, confirmed on seeing the worked ordnance survey map that the hotel was between the energy centres that dowsed negative and if you look on the map you can see the name 'Llechryd.' The hotel is situated on the letter 'L' on the line between the two negative energy centres. Eric who lives locally confirmed with Rob that the one energy centre was the cemetery which had recently been sold to a property developer. Indeed, some work may have already started and this disturbance would have increased the spirit activity in the local area. This needed clearing and fast before any more developing was undertaken. I will have to arrange a visit to the two energy centres in the near future.

On entering the hotel we were greeted by Rob who took us upstairs to a large bedroom which had an adjoining room and bathroom off it. This was to be our base. Next door was another bedroom which we could use and upstairs there were further bedrooms. We intended to carry out the investigation very much on the same basis as the Llantwit Major one at the White Lion Hotel. Pam took one group which included Dave, Eric and Lisa into the small bedroom leaving me at the base bedroom with the other group of Paul, Austin and Sheila. Chris likes to take photographs of the proceedings with both groups. On entering the base bedroom I immediately picked up the spirit of a young woman and knew by what she was showing me in images that she was murdered. I led the small group through a meditation to connect with spirit and encouraged Paul to relate what he saw. Many spirit came in close below is one of the paranormal photographs taken of Paul and by the side is a close up of the orb.

paul4[1]           paulorb[1]



Please note that the orbs above have been lightened so you can see the inside. I have enlarged it underneath and slightly lightened it more and if you sit back you can see the figures quite clearly.

There was a lot of spirit in the hotel which was apparent by the paranormal orb photographs. These spirit could be connected to the cemetery close by. Therefore, we would have to come back after the negative energy centres were balanced. The spirit of the young girl came in close and she showed herself dressed in a beautiful long green dress which flowed as she walked. The next image I saw of her was falling down out of a window. I could see pantaloons coming almost to her knees as she fell backwards. Her eyes were almost all of her face. Big beautiful blue eyes starring back up at me but there was something not quite right about this. It was like she was trying her hardest for me to see her beautiful eyes as they used to be and then as nothing black holes of blood and gore. I could not get out of my mind the image of her eyes. Below is a photograph of Sheila and I sitting in the base bedroom and by the side is a close up of the orb which is on the sleeve of my jacket.

jane31[1]         orbjane[1]

Sheila really surprised me as she does not usually connect with spirit but also saw the girl in the green dress who told her to ‘Get out of here.’ Before Pam’s group came back into the base bedroom Chris and I went around upstairs to the other bedrooms to take photographs and below is a paranormal photograph of orbs on the staircase coming with us.

stairs3[1]If you look closely you can see four orbs in this photograph ie one large one and on the previous step two small orbs together and another small one further down. Below is a close up of the two small orbs together and please note that the photograph has been slightly lightened for you to see the face of a woman. The other orb close up by the right hand side has been darkened on the outside and lightened on the inside for you to see the face more clearly.

stairorb3[1]         face2[1]



There were many more paranormal photographs taken in this area but Chris noticed I avoided room eight just like Paul had. Another paranormal photograph was taken in one of the bedrooms and on the bathroom door.

door[1]       doororb[1]

The close up of the orb above is the lower one on the door. Can you see the faces inside?



Chris and I then went back down to the base bedroom to see if the other group had finished. On the way back down the stairs another orb photograph was taken. Above is a close up of that orb and it is one of the most spookiest ones taken that night.

Pam had led her group through a meditation and many facts had come out. Pam had seen a gentleman writing with a quill. Red candles were lit at a dressing table proving that there was no electricity at this time. Pam also felt that the well played a part in the story. Eric had also connected to the spirit of the young woman that had been murdered and felt that she was the maid. If she was the maid why was she dressed in the beautiful green dress? I had seen her upstairs admiring herself in the mirror. She was indeed beautiful and looked as pretty as a picture in the mirror. On talking to Lisa I commented that I felt the hotel had been a chapel.

Chris set up the video camera for the next step of the investigation. Pam and I had sat together on many investigations now and found it produced good results. I got out the sketch pad and started to draw as Pam prepared herself to connect with spirit.

woman2[1]Very quickly the spirit of the young woman came through and to the left hand side you can see her psychic art portrait. Her eyes were very big and wide open as if frightened. I closed my eyes and she showed me a scene of someone pulling a gold locket from her neck breaking the chain in the process. The woman explained that he thought there were pictures inside but there were none. As the drawing was starting to take shape more details came through she told me she was raped. As the picture was nearly finished I could see that she had jumped from me to Pam.

‘Is he here?’ Pam said.

I reassured the spirit that he wasn’t here. Pam is a very talented medium and as more facts came out it became apparent that this woman was regularly locked in a bedroom and kept as a prisoner

‘He hurt me, why did he do that?’

Pam went on to explain that there was a diary. I asked her what happened to the baby. Pam carried on that the baby was never born. A shiver went right through me she was pregnant when she was murdered. I saw again her beautiful eyes. I could not get the image of her eyes out of my mind . There was something about her eyes and as if to answer me Pam carried on.

‘I can’t see, why can’t I see?’

man21[1]Another spirit came to me and I started to draw again. This time it was a gentleman. By this time it was becoming clear that this young woman had been murdered and probably by the master of the house. This portrait was drawn so quickly it was like the spirit did not want to stay. I drew a beard. A paranormal photograph taken of Paul earlier showed a small bright orb at the bottom of his jacket.

man[1]If you look carefully you can see a face inside the close up of this orb. It also looks like there could possibly be a beard on the face.

churchorb[1]04However another orb taken later showed an even clearer picture of the gentleman - see left hand side. There were so many spirit starting to come into the room and Pam changed very quickly. I could see through the changes that another spirit was connecting to Pam. Details came through but nothing to do with this murder and as they crowded around us I realised it would difficult now to produce any significant results with so many. I brought Pam out of the trance and Chris took pictures of her as she stood up and the results are below.

pam1[1]As you can see there are approximately four orbs on the chair and a further three on Pam. Below is a close up of the one on the chair.



In the first orb above you can see a small face so I enlarged the photograph and lightened the orb inside and you can clearly see the face inside. Thank you Pam you are a wonderful medium and this proves that spirit are drawn to you as you channel their thoughts. Below is a final orb that was taken on Pam at the end of the first visit to Rhymney House Hotel.

pam2[1]           orb7[1]


In the orb on the right hand side I have darkened the outside and lightened the inside. You can clearly see a cross in the orb. Pam and I have both undertaken church services now for over ten years. There again, Eric has said that there were ruins of an abbey close by perhaps we were on abbey ground. Finally, I got out the dowsing rods and the energy line went right through the hotel and was approximately ten feet wide. We said our goodbyes knowing that we have to come back fairly soon to clear the negative energy centres and visit the ruins of the abbey. After a small chat with Rob he explained that many, many things had happened in the hotel and Dave Cogginsreport is yet to come. Dave interviewed three independent witnesses including Rob.

At this point, I want to thank Paul and Eric for their valuable input with this first part of the psychic investigation. Paul and Eric are both up and coming talented mediums who work differently. Eric communicating accurately with spirit and Paul by raising the energy vibration allowing spirit to come in close to him which has been proved in numerous paranormal photographs. In addition, I would like to thank Lisa and Austin for inviting us.

Update 21 November 2005

I puzzled long and hard about what happened to the maid coming home and the next day. Lisa had asked me where did she fall and I knew it was from a window and felt it could have been the base bedroom but now I am not so sure. Chris mentioned on the way home why did both Paul and I miss bedroom eight.

The following day as I entered into the kitchen a streak of silver stopped me in my tracks. I looked again and felt the presence of spirit around me. This lady was different and as she started to talk to me she told me she didn't mean to kill her. I was shocked. This was the mistress of the house. Apparently, she was taking her knitting upstairs and heard the maid on the second floor. She was dressed up in her mistress' dress admiring herself - she was beautiful. She was locked up by the MISTRESS of the house so that the master could not see her because she was so overcome by jealously. He knew it. He knew she was jealous. But in HER dress she thought the maid was trying to take HER place. Her husband and all of them had been going on and on, all the time about her beauty and her blue eyes. She saw in HER dress the maid was pregnant and took it the wrong way. In a fit of rage she stabbed her in the face and in the eyes with what she had in her hands - her knitting needles!! A shiver went right through me. She kept stabbing, stabbing, screaming and stabbing. The maid fought with her to get away from her, falling and falling and nothing. Dead. This was a crime of passion.

The master of the house hid her body in the well to cover up for his wife.

There are still many questions unanswered. Who raped her? What was in the diary? This is turning out to be a tragic story of love, hate and passion.


group2[1]Psychic Investigators attending Chris & Jane McCarthy, photo shows from left to right Dave Coggins, Eric, Pam and Paul Prosser.

We arrived at 3.00 pm on a beautiful sunny afternoon and met in the hotel car park. Eric explained that in the field immediately opposite used to be ruins of a monastery. His grandmother who lived locally remembers the ruins. The reason for the second part of this psychic investigation was to clear the two negative energy centres. However, if there was a ruined abbey opposite the hotel it could be one of the main reasons for the paranormal activity. The monks understood the energy system and usually when I went to these ruined buildings I found high energy vibration and certain orb activity.

field2[1]This is a photograph taken that afternoon of the field where the ruined abbey was suppose to be. A small pathway led down to a metal bridge which connected to the main road where the Public House was located. Below is another photograph of the same place and taken within minutes of the above photograph. However, you can see that mists are forming.

mist4[1]No one noticed the mists forming. However, as Eric and I walked down to the metal bridge a silver streak shot down in front of us. Both Eric and I stopped amazed. Both of us commented on this and as our little group carried on down to the metal bridge Chris took another paranormal photograph which shows spirit manifestation behind us.


The above paranormal photograph was taken just prior to the healing. If you look carefully you can see the Rhymney House Hotel in the trees. Our little group formed further up the pathway to undertake the first energy healing. Below is a photograph of that healing taking place. We were not alone as spirit gathered around us - more on this to come.

group5[1]I have undertaken a search on the internet to find more evidence about an abbey in this location. I found a web site giving the history of the area placing French and Irish monks in the exact location. In addition, there was a well known king, called Cadog, who was a monk again in the general area. To see this web site click on the link:-

King Cadog was one of the greatest Welsh Saints from the 6th century. Legend states that he was brave and had magical powers which could fit in with working the energy. King Cadog was a monk and a successful dairy farmer and was known as wise and well respected. He was born in Gelligaer which is approximately a few miles from the site of the ruined abbey. He build an important welsh monastery at Llancarfan and his church at Llangadog was built after this date. He was a traveller and established many churches as far away as Ile de St. Cadou in Brittany, at Harlyn near Padstow, Cornwall and at Cambuslang near Carmunnock in Scotland. King Cadog was killed in battle near Brecon by invading Saxons.In 1538 most monasteries and abbeys were dissolved and suffered the same fate under the reign of King Henry V111.

I have noticed that many villages around Rhymney House Hotel could have been named to this time of King Cadog. However, the Romans were in the area before King Cadog and would have named most places in English and then at a later date translated into Welsh. The name of the village where the Rhymney House Hotel is situated is called Llechryd. The English translation of ‘Llech’ means slab, flag or slate. Ryd translated means battle. The only translation which would make any sense is Battle Flag. I believe that the pub was the chapel of the monastery and indeed I did pick up on this when undertaking the first psychic investigation. Pam also picked up on coffins. Spirit do not tell you something for nothing and this I have learnt. If that is the case, the chapel or pub would have been the central command for the area and therefore why the name is ‘Battle Flag.’

Also, this would be the reason for the abnormal amount of paranormal activity as if the monks were using this as their chapel it would have been an important energy centre. The monks would have kept this energy centre positive but over the years of spiritual neglect this centre must have turned negative causing many of the paranormal problems of today.

During this healing we were not alone as already mentioned. Pam stated she saw a spirit and described him. Pam also commented that during the healing he knocked his staff three times on the ground. I was amazed. A famous psychic artist called Nick Clarke had drawn my guide when I was at a conference in Blackpool in 1998.

Merlin[1]She had described my guide even down to the staff he carried. I had written about ‘Merlin’ in my book published in 1997. Merlin had told me then that I was his daughter. Merlin had taught me the energy system and how to work with it. I only found out this year that the name ‘Merlin’ translated from welsh means ‘Man from Carmarthenshire.’ My father had died in 1988 and his family are from Carmarthenshire. Note the hand gesture in the art drawing above - this is how I know he is around. Now look at the photograph taken of Sheila and I sat on the bed in the first part of this investigation. Notice my hand as it looks like the same gesture.

In addition, to King Cadog there was another famous legend king in this area, King Arthur. The first reliable reference to Arthur and Merlin was written by a monk called Nennius. Please note that the famous place in respect of King Arthur is Caerleon which is 26 miles by road from Rhymney. To read more about King Arthur click on the following link:-

Then it is no mistake that Merlin was with us on the day of the healing. The black book of Carmarthen is one of the earliest surviving manuscrips written entirely in welsh ca. 1250 and is so called because of its association with the Priory of St. John the Evangelist at Carmarthen. The book contains a collection of poetry and the most remarkable are the poems which have as their themes stories relating to heroes of the ‘Dark Age Britain’ and especially those connected with the legend of King Arthur and Merlin. To read more click on the link:-

To read more about Carmarthen and it’s link with Merlin and King Arthur go to link:-

This psychic investigation has had a lot of twists and turns and no doubt there will be more to come. Another strange coincidence, I remarked to Eric on the day that it was my father’s birthday. Also, Paul and Eric live close by and Pam’s sister-in-law had a pub not 200 yards from where the healing took place. I always say that true life is stranger than fiction. will

Paultunnel2[1]The next place for healing was the old cemetery which had been sold to a local developer. To get to the cemetery we had to walk through a tunnel. Chris took a photograph of Paul which you can see to the left hand side. Notice two orbs by him. Spirit were with us. The light was going very quickly as we walked up to locked gates which blocked the entrance to the cemetery. Unfortunately, we could go no further. However, the energy felt fine and I believe that Eric and Paul had visited this site earlier in the month so I feel the energy was already balanced. Chris and I took many photographs at this site and none proved to be paranormal.

Crem3[1]The photograph to the right shows us congregated at the locked gates. Although the time was now approaching late afternoon around 5.00 pm it was dark. So we decided to go to the final healing point which was further down the valley at Tredegar Church and here as expected we did have paranormal activity. We all gathered quietly and said prayers to heal the area and below are some of the paranormal photographs for you to see. To the side are close up of orbs taken from that location.

graveyard1[1]         orb91[1]



Below is a paranormal photograph of an orb in a tree overlooking Paul as he dowsed the energy lines. By the side is a close up of that orb.

treeorb2[1]       treeorb[1]

If you sit back from the screen you can see the inside of the orb more clearly. Can you see faces?

Dave Coggins’ Report - February 2006

Finally, I received Dave’s report. The previous owner had run a successful pub elsewhere and after moving to Rhymney House Hotel suffered a number of setbacks which he associated with the Hotel. Because of his run of bad luck he left a letter for the present tenant wishing him ‘Good Luck’ as he believed the place was haunted with bad spirits. There were rumours by the regulars that a maid had got thrown out of an upstairs window. There were numerous reports of the power being switched off and knocking on floors and ceilings. Also, of doors opening and closing on their own.

There has been a lot of activity in room 5 and on one occasion two children moved out of the room because of voices. There was a mirror in that room which always had a hand print on it and regardless how often it was cleaned on return the hand print would reappear. The most haunted rooms considered by the present Landlord was rooms 5,1 and 9. He has seen someone coming down from the upstairs and go into the toilet and on entering into the toilet himself there was no one there. Guests had reported hearing voices and people walking and talking in the corridors during the night and there was no one else staying there. On many occasions there was reported that tap and showers were turned on during the night.


I think that the above explains why the mirror is important. This was the moment when the mistress of the house saw the maid in her dress and realised she was pregnant. The mirror is where this ‘Crime of Passion’ had happened. Hopefully, now that this part of the story has come out the hand print will disappear. In addition, it could possibly be bedroom five that the maid fell out of. None of Dave Coggins’ report was known to either Pam or myself until handed over in February 2006. Our psychic investigation confirms what the regulars have heard and reported about a murder taking place and that the maid fell out of a bedroom window.


I undertook a church service for Tredegar Spiritualist Church on the 19th February 2006 and Paul and Eric attended as it was their local church. During the clairvoyant demonstration a young male spirit came through aged approximately 25/26 years old. I had the sensation of a very sharp pain in my stomach and saw sunlight on metal. This was a knife. This man was in the middle of a fight with others and was knifed in the stomach. I clutched my stomach in pain and I knew no one could survive this. This message came through for Eric who told me that this was the son of the original owner of Rhymney House Hotel. Her son was murdered in the hotel exactly as I had described. He gave a short message for his mother and was gone. Why this young man had waited for this service I don’t know but obviously he knew of our activities in the hotel and had waited for his turn and his story to come out.

Photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2005

Story & psychic art pictures copyright Jane McCarthy 2005 and 2006

This psychic investigation was reported in the South Wales Echo and The Penarth Times on the 26 August 2003. Also published in the Psychic Voice in December 2003.

Captain's Wife Public House, Sully, South Glamorgan - 12 JULY 2003

Pyschic Investigators: Chris and Jane McCarthy, Gaynor Mullins, Dave Coggins and Mike

The Captain's Wife is a pub on the coastline which is steeped in history with stories of pirates and smuggling. The owners of the pub had reported to the local press of spooky goings on which have caused some of their staff to be very nervous working there. The Psychic Investigators were called in.

We arrived at the pub prior to it closing for the night to take in the normal working atmosphere. Opposite the pub was a small island which you could walk out to in low tide. Many people had been caught by the speed of the changing tide and indeed that very night people were cut off on the island and could be seen waving to get attention. The covered pathway to the mainland was treacherous due to the strong, quick currents of the tide. As soon as we walked up to a table in the busy pub Gaynor, Mike and I felt the presence of spirit.

drawing[1]I got out the sketch pad and immediately drew two pictures. One was of a really rough character who I felt was very much connected to the sea. As I was drawing his picture I felt no malice and a much softer person to what I was drawing. I felt he had lived here and died at a youngish age, say around his forties. He looked quite wind swept and his longish straight hair fell over one of his eyes. (psychic art drawing opposite)

The other picture I drew was of a woman and a much stronger and upset spirit energy. Both Gaynor and I shivered in the warm night as we felt her presence. As it drew towards closing time people started to leave and we all got out our cameras.

Gaynor and I went upstairs and immediately felt the presence of a young boy around the age of 4/5 years old. Gaynor described a feeling of constriction around the neck area as if this young boy died from not being able to breathe. We both felt that it was an We both felt that it was an accident but the young energy was certainly playing with us upstairs. I picked up that it was the boy's bedroom and indeed this was confirmed afterwards by the owners, Sarah and Lee. Apparently, the pub was originally three cottages and where we were standing would have been the bedrooms. Photographs were taken all the time during our stay by Chris, Steve (Gaynor's husband) and myself with remarkable results.

Dave interviewed the landlord, Lee, to find out what spooky goings on have occurred. Apparently, on certain nights around closing time the spectre of a woman comes through the doors and passes the present day fruit machine and along the length of the main lounge. Lee explained that he personally had not experienced anything. However, Chris took a photograph of Lee in the lounge as he walked through and was amazed to see the following photograph.

lee1[1]       machineorb[1]

In this paranormal photograph you can clearly see Lee at the end of the lounge but by the fruit machine is a massive, bright orb. The paranormal photograph to the right hand side shows a close up of this orb. Notice the purple light around the outside. Peter, one of the staff of the Captain's Wife Pub explained that he regularly experiences shivers in the kitchen when he is on his own. Peter joined Mike, Gaynor, Steve and Dave around the other side of the large lounge where an old fire place exists. Peter opened the chimney door and Mike, Gaynor and Peter experienced spirit energy. Indeed, Chris had taken many photographs of the chimney which contained spirit orbs. Gaynor felt the energy was of a young urchin child who was frightened of his father who was cruel to him and had fled to the chimney and perished there.

rescue2[1]The little urchin spirit was scared to come out of the chimney and called for his mother. After reassuring the child to go to the light all experienced another spirit energy coming to help the child's mother. In the moment of release both Mike & Gaynor were crying.

Outside is Sully House where gentry would have lived and indeed Gaynor picked up a well to do gentleman who she believed lived there and possibly a tunnel that exists between the house and a smugglers cove further down the coast. Interesting is the fact that the pub has experienced some drainage problems and digging was to start the following Monday. Gaynor felt that they would find something in the well. Chris and I took many paranormal photographs and a lot contained spirit orbs. I got out the laptop and that night showed them the results of the photography straight away. Their faces were a picture especially when the spirit orbs where shown around them. Many of the spirit orbs were around the old fireplace where the spirit rescue took place. Another interesting photograph showed a spirit orb around the old wooden ship head of a mermaid which was stored in a small cupboard. Apparently, this was originally in the corner over the old fireplace.

Sarah and Lee were delighted with the nights work. They have offered for us to stay the whole night in the pub just to see what else we are able to get. This offer we may take up in the future.

Story copyright by Jane McCarthy2003

Photographs copyright Chris McCarthy 2003

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