Martin Crowley from Ely, Cardiff, South Wales telephoned and explained that his family have been experiencing a lot of paranormal activity in their house since November 2004.

His wife, Nichola, was getting more and more distressed and the activity was clearly increasing.

Martin[1]They heard unexplained noises and banging and in April 2005 all the cupboard doors in the kitchen were opened with no explanation. Nichola closed them and went into the adjoining living room. No one came into the house or left but on returning to the kitchen the doors were once again open. Nichola was scared. Martin (see photograph to the left with his son Martin junior) called in the local priest who blessed the house going from room to room. Nichola felt more reassured and the activity seemed to calm down. Unfortunately, a week later the cupboard doors started to open again. Nichola was lying on her bed trying to get some rest late one afternoon and she clearly saw a young boy standing by the door crying. However, Nichola was not well and felt it may have been the antibiotics she was on at the time. Martin's mother much later also saw a boy run quickly past her. The final straw came when Nichola one night came downstairs at 2.30am screaming in a deep voice,

'Get out, Get out.'

The neighbour across the road on hearing the shouting came out of his house to see if they were alright. Nichola was lying in the middle of the road being sick. She screamed at the two of them.

'Don't hurt my baby. Please don't hurt my mummy.'

When Nichola finally came out of this she had no memory of any of the above events. The family now clearly frightened did not want to go back into the house and stayed with Martin's parents for the rest of the night. The next day Martin again contacted the local priest who, also, once again blessed each room in the house.

The local Council were contacted as the family now did not feel they wanted to stay there. The local Council Officer, called Gerry Edwards, tried to help the family and came to see them bringing a medium with him. Whilst the medium sat on the sofa Nichola noticed a boy standing by the fire and was amazed to see him so clearly. Nichola was upset and her mouth went dry but she felt it best not to mention the boy as the medium had clearly not seen him. Nichola was now worried that it was her and very frightened. The medium stated that the activity in the house was normal although she did pick up on a little boy. They left - nothing was going to be done.

The paranormal activity continued with pictures falling off the walls, lights flickering objects disappearing and reappearing in different places with repeated banging and unexplained noises. The family were at their wits end. On Thursday the 23rd June 2005 Nichola and Martin with their baby Martin Junior slept in their car on the drive too frightened to sleep in their own beds. In desperation, on Sunday 26th June, Martin contacted the Psychic Investigators.

After listening to the above story I realised this was urgent and contacted my team straight away. I hoped to get to see Martin and his family that very night just to undertake a quick pre psychic investigation to see if we could help.

Pre Psychic Investigation Sunday night 26th June 2005 Attending:-

Christopher & Jane McCarthy, Dave & Sheila Coggins

Prior to going to see Martin and his family that Sunday I had a quick look at the local ordnance survey map to see if there was anything obvious. I did not have time to work out the energy lines on this occasion but noticed that at the back of their very garden was a church. In fact, this church was very close to two other churches within a mile radius. Locally, this area of the city has had millions of pounds invested into it but is still a problem location. I knew I would have to work out the energy line system in the future.

On arriving at Martin's house we unloaded the car with our equipment and then sat down for a chat. Martin Junior is a handful and was very excited and outside we could hear the barking of their dog in the back garden. There was not much daylight left and Chris was anxious to take photographs before it got dark.

I felt spirit with us and saw a small light by the side of Nichola as she talked telling us about their problems I could see her getting upset and agitated. Nichola looked very uncomfortable and side stepped. Chris took a photograph and a spirit orb was on her knee and one close by. This proved to me that Nichola was sensitive and was picking up on the spirit around her. Unsure of what is happening as in a lot of people afraid of what is unknown. Sensing, feeling and seeing spirit for the first time is hard to understand unless you have been through it yourself. All this paranormal activity in the house was drawing close to Nichola as she knew they were there. Nichola was a soft, gentle mother and the love for her child shone through her eyes as she watched his every movement.

dave[1]Dave interviewed Nichola whilst I showed Martin some of the paranormal photographs. Dave told me that Nichola seemed to be very stressed during her interview and calmed down and relaxed when relating to a story about angels. Martin Junior was seriously ill in hospital with a brain haemorrhage and the doctors talked to her and Martin about taking the child off the ventilator. The doctors were not very positive about the outcome of this action. As Nichola thought about what they had said alone and upset in a side room a white feather fluttered down onto her hand. On seeing the white feather she realised everything would be alright which it was. After Dave went across the road to interview neighbours who had lived in the street for over thirty years.

Sheila[1]On this visit, I was only able to draw one psychic art picture as Martin Junior and their dog were very lively that night. I made a mental note that if we decided to come back to undertake the psychic investigation I would have to suggest a baby sitter. I purely wanted the family to be reassured that what was in the house would not harm them. Chris and I took many paranormal photographs and set up the laptop to prove to them they were not going mad. The activity in their house was normal grandmothers who passed over helping and guiding the family. As I worked with spirit they gave me the names of Billy, Brendon and they were talking about a christening that was to be arranged. I smelt the smoke of a pipe, an old gentleman who used to tap his pipe on the fire place. I also saw a kitchen knife and not sure what this meant. Another name was Mary. The paranormal photograph above shows an orb on Sheila’s head as she sat with the family’s dog.

PICTURE3[1]The paranormal photograph to the left hand side shows an orb in the back garden. Notice the back of the church building. Please note that this photograph was taken on a clear sky as you can see. This photograph was taken just prior to the one below. The orbs were coming in by the church in the back garden.

elyorbs[1]Below is a close up of one of the orbs.



If you look carefully you can see a cross in the close up of the orb along with what appear to be faces. Below is another close up of one of the orbs.

orb16[1]If you look into this orb to the left hand side you may be able to see what appears to be hooded figures. In addition by the side of the one hooded figure is a horse. On checking through the history of Ely it appears that a very large battle took place. Just up the River in Ely is St. Fagan’s Castle and outside it’s walls was the last major battle of the ‘English Civil War’ in Wales which took place on 8th May 1648.

Colonel Horton with one regiment of foot soldiers and two regiments on horse, together with Colonel Okey and his regiment of dragoons were sent by Fairfax to secure South Wales. After many skirmishes in the area of Carmarthen and Brecon, Horton marched to Cardiff and took up a position on Pentrebane ridge close to Ely to await the arrival of Lieutenant General Cromwell with reinforcements. Meanwhile, Major General Laugharne formerly Parliament’s commander in South Wales took command of the Royalist army. Laugharne was anxious to defeat Horton before Cromwell arrived. The Royalist army consisted of about 500 horse and 7,500 foot soldiers with many local recruits. The Parliamentarian forces were smaller around 3,000 troops about half of whom were cavalry and dragoons.

This battle took place from St. Fagans Castle down to Pentrebane Ridge and over the land where Martin’s house is located right down to Ely bridge. Apparently, the Royalists took heavy casualties and it is stated that the river Ely flowed red with the blood of fellow countrymen killing each other.

To read more about the history of Ely, Cardiff please visit website:-

orbs5[1]To the left hand side is another paranormal photograph taken that night and below a stunning close up of one of the orbs.


A lot of the paranormal activity was located outside and the story of the little boy who Nichola and Martin’s mother had seen had not come out. Dave returned from the neighbours house from across the road and told us the results. Apparently, a previous tenant, called Louise Cope, who lived in their house had also complained of strange events. On one occasion, Louise had complained to this neighbour that clothes she had left ironed and tidy in the kitchen were strewn across the room on returning to the empty house.

The only thing left to do this night was to say prayers and as we gathered in a circle saying The Lord’s Prayer I felt spirit around us. Afterwards, I said a little prayer for the energies to be balanced and for spirit to be helped, guided and healed in the house. Spirit try to get our attention for a reason and you only have to read the Llantwit Major Investigation in webpage ‘Psychic Investigation 1’ to see that this story is not completed yet.

PSYCHIC INVESTIGATION - 2nd Part -15th July 2005

Psychic Investigators attending: Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins & Pam Pitten.

When we arrived there was a lot of Martin and Nichola's family present and his mother, aunt, cousin and friend stayed in the house to record the events and the rest outside as there was very little room inside the house with so many people. It was difficult to concentrate. Chris set up the video camera and recorded Pam and I as we connected with spirit hoping to capture paranormal activity. Very quickly Pam connected to a small boy asking for his mother. Immediately, I started to draw and as I drew more details came through of the story. Pam is a wonderful medium and with the two of us working with spirit the story of the little boy emerged.

The little boy was 8/9 years old and had a very unhappy life. Money was very tight as his father was in and out of work. The little boy went on to explain that when his father was out of work he used to drink and that is when the family became frightened. In drink, his dad was not the same caring and loving dad he knew. He used to watch the front of the house which showed the street below and as soon as his dad appeared swaying from side to side he would run as quick as his little legs could. In his bedroom, he could hear the voices getting louder and louder from downstairs but he knew when his dad came for him he would have to move like lightening. His dad's feet stomping up the stairs and crying downstairs meant only one thing. The little boy was safe knowing his father couldn't find him. For years the little child had suffered abuse at the hands of his dad until he found this place - safe, I feel safe mustn't move, safe. The little boy held his breath as he could hear his father searching his bedroom. He heard him shouting his name and swearing. He heard furniture being pushed around and articles being thrown. Safe.

Whilst Pam and I worked other facts came out. The name of Philys and the little boy we thought his name began with the letter J. I heard the name Jake and felt my left eye twitching and at some time this poor little boy had his nose broken. I could see broken glass and felt there was something wrong with the eye. Pam picked up on the year 1943 and we both heard the name Betty. A black dog came through and the name Bessie. Pam is a talented medium and as she worked other facts came out about the father. Pam felt this was a family that was originally called 'The Boat People' from Ireland - Irish Tinkers. The father she felt was laid off work because of his bad reputation of being a fighter when drunk. He would regularly drink down the docks where he used to work and was known for being trouble. I picked up he had left ear damage so possibly could not hear very well. Below is the psychic art portrait of the young boy.

artwork5[1]Martin's mother who had seen the little boy remembered very clearly the wide, staring eyes and recognised them in the psychic art picture. Nichola also confirmed that this psychic art portrait looked like the little boy in spirit she had seen. Pam and I knew we had to go upstairs to get the rest of the story. Where did the little boy hide? On entering the bedroom the energy felt very high. I took photographs of the outside garden from the bedroom window where Martin and Nichola's family where and orbs appeared on the small screen. Spirit were all around us and wanting this story to come out. As Pam and I concentrated in the small bedroom the rest of the story unfolded.

The little boy was immediately around us and as I looked out of the window I heard a voice in my ear.

'This is my hiding place.' he said quietly.

I answered him in my mind. 'Where darling. I can't see anything.'

I started to draw. The rest of the story unfolded. The windows to the property were old fashioned sash windows. When his father was arguing with his mother downstairs he used to arrange the curtains to the window slightly half way. Then he would bring down the sash window and climb out onto the cill. He used to hold onto the sash window which he put up a bit so it looked although it was slightly open and made sure he was covered behind the half open curtain in his bedroom. You couldn't see him. As he dangerously hung there holding with his hands around the top of the window he would make sure he didn't move an inch when his father was in his bedroom. In this very dangerous position this child, this poor child felt safe. Safe, until one tragic day. After years of his dad searching for him in his drunken stupor and never finding him the little boy got over confident. One day, his father saw half of a shoe peaking from behind the curtain on the outside of the window. Realisation dawned on his dad where his son had been hiding all these years. A yell of satisfaction at finally knowing he banged on the window with his open palms with all his might.

'I got you now.' he yelled. 'I know where you are.'

Unfortunately, the bang on the window was so sudden and violent the boy lost his grip and fell backwards onto the concrete floor killing him instantly. This poor little spirit had tragically died so suddenly he didn't understand he was dead. For years he wandered, worried about his mother not knowing or understanding what had happened to him. People came and people went in the house and he tried so hard to get their attention to let them know what had happened to him and where was his mother? Sometimes, there was shouting and violence which used to remind him so much of the times when he was frightened with his drunken dad and he would get upset and let the living know it. Please forgive this little spirit he just couldn't take any more upset and wanted life to be peaceful and happy. He didn't want to be reminded of the bad times he wanted things to be happy like he was with his mum. He loved his mum.

'Where is my mum, is she okay?' he asked

artwork1[1]Pam and I reassured the little one that all was fine and that his mother in spirit was around him. As I was drawing, I realised this was his dad. His dad beside himself felt fingers were pointing to him for the death of his son. Gradually he went more and more paranoid that people were talking about him. Drinking more and being constantly drunk and violent his wife left him. Months later his body was dragged out of the river Taff, nobody knowing whether he had committed suicide or just fell. Pam and I came downstairs and relayed the story onto the family and I took just one or two more photographs. Below is one final photograph of an orb on Nichola. If you look carefully you can see a dog inside the orb.

Nicola2[1]   Nicola[1]


dog2[1]UPDATE September 2005 Visiting Ely, Cardiff a month later spirit was with me. The little boy told me that everything was fine and he was now reunited with his mother. He thanked me and I felt this place now is healed and would be soon a nice place to live. Peace and happy just like the little boy wanted. I also learnt that Martin and Nichola having the proof for the Council in the first part of the story had now moved. I wish you and your family peace and happiness for the future. God bless Jane


Below is a paranormal photograph of the church taken opposite St Fagans Castle on the 22 April 2006. There were many photographs taken in this area with the same results ie hundreds of orbs. It was a clear sky with no clouds on that night. There are only two areas that I have photographed so far where there have been such unusual high energy vibration and both are considered to be UFO ‘hot spots.’

church3[1]One is Rendlesham Forest where it is a well known belief that a UFO had crashed. This makes sense to me as the energy is so high that it may be possible that the fuel escaped making the areas so very different enabling the dimensional doorways to open. Please see web pages entitled ‘energy lines’ and ‘UFOs’ in web site:-

psychicinveban[1]03The other area is in Cardiff and around South Wales - the same orb activity as Rendlesham Forest.

orb11[1]02Left is a close up of one of those orbs from the above paranormal photograph. Can you see the running figures inside? There were many paranormal photographs taken around St Fagans Church and particularly in the fields behind the church.

orb102[1]Left is a paranormal photograph taken in one of the fields close by St Fagans Church and below are close ups of two of the orbs.


orb17[1]On the 14th October 2004 there is a report of a pilot who was driving on the road approaching Cardiff from the west just outside the city when something caught his eye so he pulled over. He noticed that about fifteen other drivers had done the same thing and they were outside their vehicles watching a UFO above them. The pilot stated that a Boeing 747 would have been dwarfed by the UFO. It moved completely silently above them about three thousand feet and he stated that it was the largest flying object he had ever seen. Other drivers were now stopping and people were getting out of their cars to take a look. He states he is a pilot and has never seen anything like this in his life before.

He called the control tower at the local airport who reported that there was nothing on radar. He called several times - nothing. The object had no visible wings or any other way of showing how it could stay in the air. It was going in the direction of North Cardiff funnily enough towards where I live. To read more on this report go to web site link:-

However, what is interesting is that this area where the pilot had stopped is by Ely, Cardiff. In this psychic investigation the energy in this area is high and unusual. There is a third area but I know that they arrived just for us as we undertook a sky watch - see paranormal photograph below.

skywatch3[1]On one occasion in Ely a lady opened her curtains to her bedroom in the morning only to be faced by a UFO looking in. People are scared to report such events as the pilot found out. Out of all the people that saw the UFO on that day he has not seen a report in the newspapers or on the television about the incident. On talking to residents of this area I found out that it was not unusual to see UFOs in this area. Did a UFO crash here hundreds of years ago which would explain the unusual high energy vibration.


I telephoned the Housing and Welfare Department to speak to Gery Edwards and spoke to one of his colleagues who had now taken over the case. This lady explained that Martin Crowley and his family were fine now that they had moved and the new family who had moved into their old house were also fine and no paranormal activity reported. This is one of the stories that makes me realise that psychic investigations is not only about finding paranormal activity but solving problems connected with it for the families that live and experience it. It can be very upsetting and all they want is for it to go away.

This case is now closed.

Story, photographs and psychic art portraits copyright Jane McCarthy 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008

Photographs copyright Christopher McCarthy 2005, 2006 & 2007.

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