picture2[1]08Psychic Investigation 7 Full story published in Take a Break Magazine ‘Fate and Fortune’ issue August 2006.

Amazing conclusion on this Psychic Investigation

Psychic Investigation - 4th February 2006 PART ONE - The A4042 Road

Fate and Fortune magazine asked me to investigate the A4042 road which runs from Pontypool to Abergavenny. Two policemen had seen something and apparently were very upset over this experience. I asked Fate and Fortune for only the time of the occurrence as I have worked with spirit for over thirty years and I trust them. I have found that this is the best way to go into any psychic investigation knowing nothing.

Dave Coggins who is one of my team asked if he could come with Chris and I to have a look at the area. His wife, Sheila, would also like to go to Abergavenny market and was delighted to come with us. Dave was excited as this was ufo territory and many sightings had been seen in the general area as close by is The Ministry of Defense and many sightings throughout Britain had been seen near these locations. The Ministry of Defense location was in Glascoed and in Llanover itself was a POW camp. In addition, I have a church service in Abergavenny on Sunday 12th February 2006 and I will again see what I get as I have noticed that you need to go back to the area several times to get little pieces of the story.

This visit on the 4th February 2006 was to undertake a pre investigation. As we arrived at the local area I didn't need to be told something had happened as the tingling started on my feet just prior to the exact location on the A4042. This tingling started at the top of a hill right to the bottom. As Chris turned the car around again I had the same sensation. I was still very puzzled by how I felt as Chris parked the car. Dave and I got out and dogs started to bark at us from the house immediately opposite a trough. This old house had big iron gates to the entrance which were closed and two large dogs stood watching us.

Jane[2]I got out my sketch pad and immediately an image came into my mind. I saw a stage coach with huge horses standing still drinking the water. The coachman was sitting on top and people inside were staring out worried and they had good reason to be. There were riders close by ready, waiting for them. This was a robbery, a highway robbery how exciting and how tragic. Unfortunately, this did not end happy as all were killed and the coach was burnt. All of this I felt and I tried to draw the coach and horses and the mysterious highwaymen. Funny, when I got back I could hear the song which was sung by Adam Ant 'Stand and Deliver.' On writing this, I can feel the shivers go right through knowing that spirit is with me.

spirit3[1]Suddenly, a young soul came through so tragic, poor babe. The words were so clearly spoken to me through tears and you can see the tears in the psychic art portrait to the left hand side.

'I'm sorry Mum, I'm so sorry. Please, please forgive me.'

This poor little soul had died on this road and I put the age around 21 to 22 years old. You can see me drawing this portrait in the photograph above. Dave Coggins saw a gentleman come out to see what the dogs were barking at and had a chat with him. He confirmed that a girl had driven into a lorry five years ago but this was a lad. However, the psychic art portrait could be a girl - perhaps the hair is wrong. The next image I had was of this poor little soul standing in the middle of the road and a car going right through him. It was so tragic.

I was upset after this drawing and to be quite honest I picked up more riders from a different age and this was connected to fighting but I have decided to go back and get that part. There was more than one person killed on this road as I picked up another but again after getting upset decided to call it a day. I will go back for the rest. I said prayers for those hurt, maimed and killed on this road and to balance the energies

Church Service Pontypool - 12th February 2006 - Part Two of the Psychic Investigation into the A4042 from Pontypool to Abergavenny.

Moira from Pontypool Spiritualist Church telephoned to confirm whether I would be undertaking the service for her church on the 12th February 2006. I stated that we were going on after the service to the A4042 road towards Abergavenny. On this occasion, Chris would not be taking any photographs. Chris and I were planning to leave early after the service to carry on our psychic investigation into the Llanover area and I was hoping to do more psychic art portraits. Moira was very interested in our investigation and the psychic art drawings and disappointed that paranormal photographs would not be shown on the evening.

We arrived a few minutes late at the church as we had been delayed by the traffic coming out of the Scotland V Wales rugby match and Moira was delighted to see us. There were approximately thirty people attending the service which is not unlike a normal service. Hymns are sung, prayers are said, reading and a lesson. However, towards the end of the service there is a clairvoyant demonstration. The spiritualist way is to give those little messages of proof from spirit that life exists after we die. One message was taken and I proceeded onto the next one. No one understood any of the names of the spirit coming through. Animals also came through a black labrador and a alsation dog belonging to the same family. All of a sudden the door opened and my dog Judy who we had brought along started to bark at the couple coming in. The lady asked if it was alright for them to come in and I said of course take a seat.

As they sat down spirit starting to talk again stating 'John drives too fast.' I repeated the information to the new couple and immediately they understood the message confirming also they have a black labrador and alsation dog in spirit. The message from spirit carried on describing the situation around the lady at the present time stating that she was so lucky not to have had a breakdown as courage and strength have been sent to her. Spirit carried on stating that the lady would never experience anything like this again. The lady confirmed she understood everything and then spirit carried on to the next message for another person.

At the end of the service the couple approached me and introduced themselves to me. Her name was Pamela Jones and she lived approximately ten miles away in Abergavenny. She asked who gave the message as her son was in spirit and she wondered if it was him. Curious, I asked her did he have a lovely face cute like a girls? She immediately said yes and I was reminded of my psychic art drawing from the 4th February 2006 in the Llanover area. I asked her if she wouldn't mind waiting for Chris to get my equipment from the car which contained my sketch pad and psychic art portrait of a drawing taken from a young spirit that had passed over tragically in a road accident. She said, yes and confirmed that her son had died tragically in Pontypool on the 17th January 2006. He was killed on the A4043 road approximately a few miles from the spot where I had undertaken the drawing on the road to his mother's house - the A4042 to Abergavenny!

Her son was 6' 2'' tall and was considered very handsome. Apparently, her son was not wearing a helmet when he died on a motor cycle. The inquest into her son’s death has not happened as yet. Her son was called Adam Anthony Jones and he was wearing a white T shirt and blue trousers when she visited him in hospital after the event. Adam was already dead and died at the scene of the accident. On seeing the drawing she was convinced it was him. The same high cheek bones and dimple in the chin. When Pamela heard what the young spirit had said at the time of the drawing she also confirmed that this was the kind of thing he would have said always thinking of her and others. I was the one with tears in my eyes this poor young soul passed tragically aged 21 years old. Such a waste.

Pamela does not live with her ex husband and Adam was staying with his father during the time of the accident. Adam's father lives near Pontypool and Adam would have frequently made the journey that he was undertaking that night from Pontypool to Abergavenny along the A4042. Pamela had the most strangest of stories to tell me and I started to realise that it was no coincidence that we had met. I think that Adam had brought us together.

A week before Adam had died Pamela was watching Sky when a song came on that Adam loved by David Grey. All of sudden, Pamela started crying for no reason and was thinking about him all day. She truly believes she is psychic and knew something was going to happen. She knew or understood and still is not sure why she wanted to visit the Spiritualist Church in Pontypool. She went that very Sunday but the church doors were closed. Adam died the following week. She has stated to me that she has had strength from nowhere just like what was said in the spirit reading to cope with his death. Again she felt the need to seek the solace of the church. Pamela has only once before attended Pontypool Spiritualist Church eighteen months earlier and Moira did not even know who she was and stated she had never seen her before.

Pamela also confirmed that the Argos Newspaper in Gwent did a couple of stories on her son and that a photographer called Mr Doyle from that newspaper had a recent photograph of Adam that looked like the psychic art portrait. Pamela's partner also confirmed that the psychic art drawing looked like Adam. I have stated to Pamela that she can have the original psychic art drawing which I will frame for her.

That night when Chris was falling asleep in front of the television I couldn't help it this time and the tears fell for the poor young soul that died so tragically. God bless you - your mother wants the best for you and worries that you are restless but I know you want to help others. God bless you and keep you safe Adam.

The following morning I looked up the Argos newspaper and found an article about Adam:-

Tragedy parents' warning to young bikers

THE grieving parents of a young man killed in a motorcycle crash are warning of the dangers of riding without a helmet.

The spot where popular 21-year-old Adam Jones from Pontypool died is adorned with flowers and hundreds of people are expected to attend his funeral on Friday.

Pam Jones, 46 and Tony Baynham, 43, told the Argus they wanted to send a warning to young motorcyclists.

"I think he would have lived if he had worn a helmet. He would have survived," said Mrs Jones: "All his life he was motorbike mad. "He had a heart of gold and would help anybody - it's heart-rending that he's gone."

Mr Jones died after crashing the Aprilla 125 bike on the A4043 at Riverside, near Pontypool, on Tuesday, January 17. The former West Monmouth school pupil, known as 'Yagga' to friends, was pronounced dead at the scene.

"He was a free spirit who had a love of life," said Mr Baynham, of The Links, Trevethin.

He added: "I can see him now, putting on his hair gel and after shave - getting ready to go out on that night. "He said 'I'll see you about 10', and I remember thinking 'yeah right, more like 2am'.

"I wish he would come home and wake me up at 2am like he used to." His mobile phone, which now sits on Mr Baynham's mantelpiece, contains a poignant reminder - a relaxed self-posed picture.

"Right now it's hard to explain how I feel - it's like I'm a zombie. I just want to lay my son to rest," added Mr Baynham.

He described how his son "lived for his music" and "grabbed life by the horns".

"He was our only one that is what makes it so hard," he added. Mrs Jones described a son who "loved animals and was great with children". "I only wish he had lived to have children and made me a grandparent," she added.

The family are expecting hundreds at the funeral at St Cadoc's Church in Trevethin.

"All his friends are welcome to come along to the service at the church," said Mr Baynham.

The funeral starts at 8.30am but those wishing to attend are asked to arrive at 8.15am.


Below is a photograph of the Argos article which includes an up to date photograph taken of Adam on a mobile telephone camera. Please note that this newspaper has been kindly looked up in the archives and forwarded by Ms Karen Seivwright from the Argus Newspaper in May 2006 - thank you and God bless you Karen.

adam3[1]       Adam1[1]

Above is a close up of Adam from that article. This was the last photograph taken of Adam - can you see the likeness in the psychic art drawing in the beginning of the article?


Chris and I looked at the weather for the forthcoming five days and decided that the best morning to go would be the 21st February 2006. It would be cold but not as cold as the rest of the week and also it would be dry which is the best weather for paranormal photographs. I wanted to be by the trough at 4.00 am in the morning to see what I picked up around the same time the policemen saw something.

Soldier5[1]Well wrapped up, we left just after 3.00 am and arrived in Llanover dead on 4.00 am. We parked up by the side of the iron gates opposite the trough. I got out the psychic art and settled down to draw. Chris got out and started to take photographs. I could see in my mind's eye swirling green mist in the shape of an oval. In the centre was a figure and as I started to draw as spirit took over. Psychic art is different every time as spirit seem to channel their own picture and I am just the instrument. Sometimes the art portraits are like caricatures as that is how the spirit wants it to be portrayed. I never really know what I am going to get. As I carried on drawing the spirit was describing a battle and he told me this was approximately two to three miles away further up the road. This would have placed the battle around Abergaveny or Monmouth. I jotted down the details in my little note book I keep by the side of me when undertaking psychic art to record anything that spirit tells me.

As I recorded the details, I felt that this was around the time of the Romans and the dress certainly looked like a Roman. However, this was also how the Brits used to dress during this age. The figure had a short cape that was tied at the neck by a brooch. I had the impression there was a short sword more like a dagger but a bit longer. I made a note to check on the internet after to find any sites about battles in the area around the roman times. This was a soldier and I had picked up on him on my first investigation into the area. I could see that he was wearing some sort of protection for battle and not really sure whether this was chain mail or leather he didn't make it clear. What was more important to him was the doorway from which he had come. This certainly looked like a huge orb and this to me is a doorway. Therefore, the energy must have been high on the date that the policeman saw something.

orb71[1]When we got back I noted a web site about the battles in the area. Chris had a photograph of a green orb just by the car in the middle of the road at the time I was drawing the psychic art picture. I have blown up this orb and you can clearly see a dark figure inside - see orb left.

I finished the above drawing and I heard the door open and close and the noise of someone sitting down in the seat. I turned to my left to talk to Chris and there was no one there. This reminded me of a story I wrote about someone sitting next to me on a bus, see my sister web site under the web page 'spirit stories' for this story. I made a note of the time 4.36 am. The chair creaked and I had the impression of a pair of eyes staring at me. I started to draw. This was a totally different spirit strong, kind and loving.

eyes2[1]The eyes were a feature. This was a monk. There were several monasteries in this area, one in Abergavenny.

monk3[1]The monk told me that the ground, which was an old burial ground, had been disturbed and had caused the energy to go out of balance and was the reason why the doorway was opened and spirit could come through. In the first investigation we took paranormal photographs of the building site next to the police station and I wondered whether this was the disturbed site. I never assume anything with spirit but this was just a few hundred yards away from where we were sitting. All of a sudden the door opened and Chris started to talk about how cold the weather was. I cried out don't sit down spirit is there. I am talking to a skeptic here and you can imagine his answer. I have drawn the habit in a brown colour.

Trough5[1]To the left hand side is a paranormal photograph Chris took at the same time I was drawing and the colours of this orb I connect to churches/abbeys etc. see my sister web site Psychic Investigators and go to web page entitled ‘orbs.’



farmer2[1]In this psychic art portrait drawn in the same night I think it is probably a caricature because he looks quite odd more like a village idiot - forgive me if not. Could possibly be a farmer and the monks were farmers so he may be a monk. The meaning of the Welsh inscription on the trough means 'Welcome Stranger.' Below is a close up of the orb and the small blue photograph to the side shows a blown up part of this orb. Can you see the figures inside?

orb82[1]     orb25[1]

The picture above is part of the left hand side orb blown up and enhanced. If you would like to see the whole of the orb blown up and enhanced. We moved to outside the police station in Llanover and here we had the best paranormal photographs.

gates1[1]  face[1]





In the paranormal photograph (above) there are approximately six or seven orbs by the police station gates. The close up of the orb in front on the gates appears to show a face. The final drawing was taken outside the police station - the time now was around 5.30 am and I wasn't going to do any more art but spirit took over and the last psychic art drawing was done. This one told me nothing so not sure who he is. Could possibly be one attached to the highway robbery I picked up in the earlier psychic investigation as he looks like a nobleman and I have entitled him as such. Chris remarked that he could be a roman due to his nose.

Nobleman3[1]The web site I found mentions a roman nobleman who funny enough looks very much like him but I don't know he didn't tell me anything so I can't really say. web site:-

However, again he could be a monk so I am not really sure. We left the area around 6.00 am just before dawn. Paul Prosser, one of my investigators, called round on the 22nd February. I had asked him to have a look at the general area for me and his investigations show a wood and canal behind the trough. Paul felt the area high in energy particularly a wood. We looked in my father's old maps and the wood is called Coed y Prior. Translated from Welsh into English it means Priory Wood.

policestation2[1]I believe that it was no coincidence that the spirit of the monk appeared to the policeman as the building site and disturbed burial ground was next to the Police Station in Llanover. He had to get noticed by the right people to attract attention for the right reason and place to encourage an investigation into why he was there. However, the policemen were from the Pontypool Police Station but I feel the monk must have waited some time for the right policeman to come along.

UPDATE 23rd JULY 2006

police1[1]Article from Take a Break ‘Fate and Fortune’ August 2006. Police sergeant Micah, from Pontypool, (left, with PC Jon Williams on the right) are trained to keep cool under pressure. But what Micah saw on duty one night was more chilling than anything he had ever seen in his 10 years fighting crime.

Glancing down at the clock on the dashboard I was surprised to see it was already 4am. My fellow police officer, Jon Williams and I were driving back to the nick in our marked police car and time had just flown by.

‘It’s been a busy old night, Jon.’ I said, as we headed along the deserted A4042 from Abergavenny towards Pontypool in South Wales. We were on the 7pm - 7am shift. We’d been involved in a situation earlier in Abergavenny and afterwards we’d had a debrief at the local station. Now we were on our way back to base, with Jon at the wheel. Neither of us was tired - in fact, the adrenaline from the last job had left us more alert than normal. We were passing through the Llanover area, doing about 40 mph, when I saw a hooded figure right in the middle of the road. As we got closer I saw that the person - I couldn’t tell whether it was a he or a she - was standing dead still with their back to us, just inside the central white lines. The figure was wearing a long, brown cloak, with the hood up over it’s head so that it rose to a sharp point. It reminded me of a monk’s habit. You see all sorts of things in this job, but is still struck me as very odd. What the hell is someone doing out here at 4 am dressed in a monk’s habit? I wondered.

‘Jon’ll brake in a moment.’ I thought. But he didn’t. He kept on going. ‘Are you going to slow down?’ I asked him, my heart beating faster, as we drove towards the hooded figure.

‘Why, what’s wrong?’ replied Jon.

‘Can’t you see it?’ I said, trying not to panic. We were almost upon the figure - the car was heading straight for it.

‘See what?’ he asked. Against all our training, I almost grabbed the wheel to try and swerve. But it was too late. We careered right into the figure. I braced myself for the impact. But there was no sound, no jolt, nothing. Jon drove on.

‘Stop!’ I yelled. ‘ You’ve just hit him!’ ‘Hit who?’ Jon replied, stopping car and looking at me. I could see he was totally confused. Jon pulled over to the side of the road and I told him what I’d seen. Turn the car around, quick.’ I said.

‘I don’t understand.’ replied Jon. ‘I didn’t see anyone.’ Nevertheless, he spun us round. Back at the spot there was no trace of the person, or of any kind of accident.

‘It doesn’t make sense,’ I told him. I was pretty spooked and Jon could see from my expression that this was no wind-up. We drove on towards Pontypool, but a few minutes later we decided to go back to the spot for another look, just in case. As we approached for the second time. I froze.

‘THERE!’ I yelled. ‘It’s right by the car.’ The figure still had it’s back to us, but I could sense it wasn’t human.

‘Micah, I can’t see a thing.’ said Jon. The poor guy was totally baffled. Suddenly, the car went icy cold. As I stared out at the figure, I felt an overwhelming sense of despair. It was so intense that tears welled up in my eyes. I’d never experienced anything like it. Seeing the state I was in and realising that something was terribly wrong, Jon accelerated away. Within a minute the temperature in the car was back to normal and I felt fine. As quickly as the awful feelings had come over me, they vanished again. But I wasn’t imagining it - there was no mistaking that something very weird had happened back on that road.

Although Jon hadn’t seen the figure with his own eyes, he didn’t doubt me. Once I’d recovered, I wanted to go back and look for a third time. Jon agreed, but just then we got a call - out and had to go on to Pontypool. Back at the nick, I asked Jon not to say anything to the boys. They’d think I was mad! A few days later we did return - this time in daylight. There was no sign of anything at all, apart from an old water trough by the roadside. Perhaps that was linked to the figure in some way. This happened 19 months ago. I’ve driven past the spot many times since, both on and off duty, but I’ve never seen anything strange. Neither Jon nor I can explain what happened. An ordinary night on duty turned into one I’ll never forget. I had an open mind about the supernatural, but I never thought I’d have a close encounter with it myself.

PC Jon Williams says:

‘We’re both experienced officers and Micah is not the type of man to panic. But I’d never seen him so agitated. He described the hooded figure to me as we drove past it. He looked completely terrified and like he was going to be sick. I couldn’t see anything, but I did notice the car going icy cold.


My conclusion is a strange one. On my first visit to Llanover I remarked to Sue from Fate & Fortune magazine that a vehicle went straight through the ghost of Adam. She was amazed and told me that the police car went through something - not mentioning what. Later, on reading Micah’s story he confirms that the police car went through the ghost of the monk. He also felt that the trough meant something - this was where we had a large orb with a purple tinge to the edge which I associate with Abbeys and churches. Micah felt an overwhelming feeling of despair and death. When the energy of a young person passes tragically it is a major event and effects the energy system. I have placed below small pictures of the psychic art drawing of Adam and the blown up part of the orb mentioned above (taken by the trough)

spirit4[1]     orb25[1]02

Can you see Adam in the part of the blue orb above? Below is the psychic art drawing of the monk and the last known photograph of Adam. Can you see the likeness? Is this possibly a young Adam and an older one - how can this be?

monk3[1]02       Adam1[1]02


Time is not linear. Perhaps the soul of Adam and the monk are one and the same just different times. If we are regressed we can go into our past lives - why not the future. The monks understood the energy system and as the energies were so high by the trough for one precious moment in time a soul of the past can see a glimpse of a dramatic event in his future.

psychicinveban[1]05To understand this difficult concept go to my web page entitled ‘orbs’ - click left


In March 2006 I met Pamela Jones, Adam's mother to hand over the framed original artwork of her son. This was a very emotional meeting and I know I have put off writing this event for some time.

Pamela was still going through a grief process and wanted to talk about her son and as she sat explaining what he was like the spirit of Adam showed himself to me by her side. It was clear there was unconditional love between these two and I have no doubt that Adam will be with his mother whenever she needs him and they are still very much bonded together even if parted in the physical. The love was clear to see as Pamela explained what Adam was like. Pamela went on to say he was no angel but he was a caring person with a sense of fun and a love of life just like any typical young man.

Adam came in close and I felt he wanted to get his thoughts over to his mother. I heard a high pitch noise in my ear and this is one way spirit can communicate. If spirit resonate to say, seven and the physical resonate to say, three the vibration is different sometimes I just hear this high pitch sound not necessary the spoken word. I hear this prior to the telephone ringing or prior to the door bell it is like getting the message of who it is prior to them coming. Adam reminded me of a case that I was working on and he told me that his case was very similar.

The case I was working on was of a young girl who had been abducted and the relatives had sent me a beautiful photograph of her taken when she was around 3 years old. This photograph looked like a professional one taken at a studio of a little girl with brown long hair coming around her shoulders wearing a green dress sat on a podium with a lovely open smile on her face. She was so beautiful and I was determined to find her. I prayed to God to help and guide me in my quest.

That night, I was woken up around 2.00 am in the morning and saw a little girl in full figure come around the bed to my bedside. As she came around the bed it was like she was slowing down each step frame by frame slowing down. It gave me the opportunity to see and describe her. This little girl was a lot older than the one in the photograph around 11/12 years old and wore very old fashioned clothes like a smock which flowed when she walked. I remembered thinking it was a little old fashioned for her age and also strange she wore socks. The fashion conscious youngsters of today would not be seen in socks at this age. The next day the relatives confirmed that this is what she wore the day she was abducted when she was 11 years old. This was spirit and I knew this little girl had already passed over. Unfortunately, this little one was taken by two paedophiles and went through a very harrowing experience before being strangled and dumped in a shallow grave in woods. A fact that came out much later.

This spirit had a very strange story to tell me and one which has left me very humble. One lifetime, this spirit had a little girl of her own who she loved and adored. When this little girl was five she was abducted and found murdered not far from her home. She had been violated left for dead as a lamb to the slaughter. She never got over the loss of her daughter in such a violent and disgusting way. How could she help those that passed to spirit in such a way. How could she ever possibly understand - she just couldn't imagine the pain and suffering that her daughter went through and she prayed to God to help her.

'Please God,' she prayed, 'let me be able to help those children that have suffered so badly in this way especially my daughter. Let me understand and let me help my daughter to get over such a horrific death.' Her faith was strong. The only way she could possible understand was to go through the same experience herself. This was the spirit of the little girl that had been abducted when she was 11 years old.

'Believe me,' she went on to say 'I am doing what my soul has wanted to do and I am at peace helping the souls of those that are undergoing the same thing and passing to spirit the same way I did. I have my little daughter to thank for showing me the way.'

How do you tell the relatives this. There is no greater gift in this heaven or earth than to lay down your life for another. This experience has very much humbled me and made me realise I was looking for a bag of bones. So you can see why I have delayed writing this part of the story as it breaks my heart to think of these brave spirits and what they have gone through for others. Adam reminded me of this story because Adam being Adam the monk was to go through this horrendous death by decapitation because he was laying down his life to help others. God bless you Adam and thank you for making us all realise that there is no death and our souls know our life pathway even if sometimes we are scared of what we see it all turns out right in the end.

God bless you and your family Adam.

This Psychic Investigation is now Closed

Story and psychic art portrait copyright Jane McCarthy 2006

Photograph copyright Christopher McCarthy 2006

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