Psychic Investigations 8

picture[1]Bassaleg Psychic Investigation Number 8 - This story was published in ‘Fate and Fortune’ magazine in September 2007.

I was contacted by a fellow medium, David Boyce, from Bridgend SNU who is a distant relative of a couple who had encountered a paranormal problem.

You can visit David Boyce's website at:-

Apparently, the couple's little nine year old daughter, Lousise, was in bed when she heard the front door opening and someone come up the stairs and into her bedroom. She felt her face being touched - she closed her eyes tight and asked the spirit to go away not wishing to open her eyes to see - she was very scared. She ran into her father's bedroom and as she did on the landing saw a little girl in the mirror. Her mother, a nurse, was on night duty. Louise could not wake her father up as he is a heavy sleeper and went back into her room still feeling very scared. In the end, she decided to try and wake up her father again and this time succeeded. This happened a year ago and unfortunately, the parents have tried to get Louise back into her bedroom and into her own bed and as the time has gone on this has been more and more difficult. They approached a medium who came into the house and although telling them the little girl was there it did not seem to resolve anything. The couple were none the wiser as to why. The Psychic Investigators were called in.

Psychic Investigators attending:-

Chris and Jane McCarthy, Dave Coggins, Paul Prosser, and on this occasion David Boyce came with us as well as a new visiting medium to the Psychic Investigators - Margaret Gatehouse.

On this visit, I asked that Louise would not be present as I did not want to upset her anymore than necessary. Chris set up the video camera in Louise's bedroom and I sat at the desk getting out my art equipment.

paul1[1]Paul had already worked out the energy lines around this house and I agreed with him that an energy line ran through the front of the house and through Louise's bedroom. This should not be a problem as these energy lines go through most properties and there are two lines in my own house meeting at the bottom of the stairs. However, Louise is a sensitive young girl and maybe picking up on this energy so moving the bed out of the energy line may help Louise to settle more in the nights. Dave Coggins was downstairs with Sheila and Chris, Louise’s parents discussing the case and Margaret and David Boyce were upstairs in the back bedroom meditating to tune into the spirit around them.

littlegirl1[1]I started to draw and the image of the little girl came through - see psychic art portrait to left hand side. She had mousy blonde wavy hair with a fringe and blue eyes.


There was something about her eyes; she looked really frightened.

As I was drawing her spirit came in closer and as more details came through I felt that she passed during a road traffic accident and her age was around 11/12 years old. I could see big barrels on the back of a trailer and I was really not sure whether this was a horse and cart or lorry. What was clear was that these were dray men carrying barrels to the local public house around the late 1950s or the early 1960s. The men were slightly drunk and laughing as they drove down the road. They were carrying a full load and not paying attention to the road ahead. The little girl did not stand a chance as she was mowed down and I felt that she survived but only for a short while. The scene changed and I could see the men burying the little girl by a wall next to trees. The other side of the wall was the graveyard to the church. So instead of reporting the death they covered it up and this little girl must have been recorded as missing and never found.

margaret[1]This little girl explained that she had visited the house on the anniversary of her death as this is the place where she died. Margaret and Paul were in the double bedroom in the back of the house and both of them wanted to press against the wall as if to avoid something. David Boyce had felt this too in the same bedroom on a different occasion. (To the left is a photograph of Margaret in the back bedroom) David Boyce heard the nursery rhyme 'Little Jack Horner sat in the corner' and a vision of a young girl crouching in a corner crying. Margaret also picked up on this little girl again cowering in the corner. Margaret is learning her mediumship through leading the church in Newbridge and gives only what she can see and hear. Margaret saw autumn leaves with lots of trees and felt this was the little girl's grave.

orb18[1]To the left is one of the only paranormal photographs taken inside the house and it was captured on the landing where Louise saw the little girl. Orbs are the way that spirit can come like doorways - to see more of an explanation about orbs please go to the sister site:- psychicinveban[1]06

All of us went downstairs around the table with Sheila and Chris and I explained the above. Sheila knows the area where the trees are next to the graveyard. Last year four large executive houses were built on this land. Sheila thought that there were some for sale and they were only built a year ago and would make some enquiries to find out. This made sense as it was a year ago that Louise saw the little girl after her grave was disturbed. We will have to come back to check out this area to see what we get at a later date. It was decided that Sheila and Chris would bring their daughter Louise to visit me at a future date to talk to. I felt this was a better idea to get her away from the house.

Both David Boyce and Margaret got names which I give below:-

Flossie or Flora, Susan/Susannah, Dorothy, Sara/Sandra, Helen, Thomas, Lilian, Edward Tyler or Tiler.

I feel that these names may be connected to the family as we did not pick up much paranormal activity at the house. One fact did come out that Dave Coggin's wife also named Sheila worked with Louise's mother over thirty years ago in nursing. I understand that they have since spoken to each other on the telephone and look forward to meeting up again.

Visit by Chris, Sheila and Louise on the 15th November 2006

Louise, Chris and Sheila's daughter, is aged nine years old and is a very bright, sensitive girl and I felt she needed something to hold on to. I went to a crystal fair and found a little rose quartz angel. Rose quartz is a beautiful, loving crystal which helps to give the wearer or owner self love, self confidence and self worth. It gently releases old negative thoughts, deeds and energies in the aura by turning them positive by cleaning out the aura system gently and lovingly. I held the little angel in my hands and prayed to God to help, guide and heal Louise by always protecting her and making her feel safe in her home. I prayed that this little angel will help Louise to overcome her fears, her worries and burdens. I gave Louise this angel on her visit and told her to put it underneath her pillow.

I showed Louise the psychic art portrait of the girl and told her the story and why she appeared to her on this occasion. Apparently, the 27th of November is a date that sticks out in the minds of both Chris and Sheila as on holiday they were involved in a car crash. The family walked away from that car crash safe without any injuries. The following year again on holiday and on the same date 27th November they were again involved in another car crash. However, on this occasion, the crash was serious and to this day they cannot understand how they got out of the mangled car again with no significant injuries. On looking back they realise that this little girl appeared to Louise on the 27th November 2005 and was obviously looking after her. This little girl had died because of a road accident and she was not only protecting Louise to make sure that this would not happen to her but also her family. That has gone through me with a very big shiver and that is when spirit are telling me something is spot on.

I told Louise that this little girl is protecting her and not for one moment wanted to harm or frighten, just protect. I feel that she appeared on the anniversary of her death because she could, and almost replaying like a 'signature' of the house enacting out what happened. That explains why both Margaret and Paul felt they were pressed against the wall of the bedroom as maybe she was trying to avoid what was about to collide with her in her lifetime. Again, a huge shiver this is correct - poor little one. This little spirit must have given me the thought to get Louise a little angel because she is her guardian angel. Louise stated that the psychic art drawing did not look like the little girl as she wore glasses. So I asked her if she didn't wear glasses could it possibly be the same girl and Louise agreed that her hair was blonde with a fringe and wavy like the drawing. Louise put her age around 12 - 14 years old so we agreed on 13 years old. Louise agreed it could possibly be her.


I received a telephone call from Sheila, Louise’s mother. Louise is now back in her bed. I was so delighted and excited to hear this news. I had seen spirit come through my window a few days earlier to tell me this and it is always wonderful to have confirmation. Obviously, it is still early days and they expect the odd difficult night but this was the turning point for Louise and a new confident beginning for her.

More on this psychic investigation further down the page.


I received a phone call from a gentleman aged in his eighties who explained a very similar story in which spirit had rescued him from an uncertain fate. When he was a young lad he had worked on a farm and in the middle of the day the sky started to go black as storm clouds gathered in the near distance. Hearing thunder, he decided to make a dash to the nearest building which was an old barn two fields away. As he started to run towards the barn he could see a lady in the orchard below, beckoning him. She was signaling like mad for him to come towards her. He looked into the sky and saw the dark clouds coming overhead and decided quickly to see what the old lady wanted. As he ran towards her she was walking very quickly backwards and he was not getting any nearer to her. This puzzled him. He ran quicker but as quick as he could go the lady seemed to be the same distance away. As the thunder rolled above him he made a split second decision to go back for shelter and decided to climb over a fence to go a shorter route to the barn.

As he turned his back on the lady and started to climb the fence he felt an icy grip on his shoulder. He shuddered and turned around and there before him was the lady who was now hovering approximately two feet off the ground. She beckoned him and started to go backwards down toward the orchard. He was very scared and out of the corner of his eye saw the farmer running down through the fields. He looked back at the lady and a dog had now joined her. The next second a huge bang sounded like lightening touching the ground. He saw the farmer waving to him and he started to run towards him. The farmer took him to the farmhouse to shelter from the storm just as the first raindrops started.

After the storm had passed the farmer inspected the damage. The barn had been totally destroyed in a fire as it had been hit by lightening. If he had not been called away by the old lady he would have been killed if he had stayed in the barn. The farmer told him an even stranger story that the ghost of the lady and the dog had been seen before helping and saving people in storms. Apparently, in the local village her house had been hit by lightening and both her and her dog were killed instantly.

Thank you kind Sir for your beautiful true story, God bless you, jane xx


Chris has now checked the video and found a very odd clip which is now attached to this page. Have a look yourself. Paul Prosser was sat on Louise’s bed in the bedroom when this clip was taken and he told me that he could see an orb in the bedroom and in his mind called it over to where he was sitting. He believes that this is the orb. However, it certainly looks like a fairy or flying object. 

psychicinveban[1]07Have a look at the page entitled ‘fairy photo’ in the main Psychic Investigators web site.

More to come on this psychic investigation in the near future including Dave Coggins’ report and a visit to the church and field where the little girl is buried. Also, a report by Chris and Sheila on the new houses built on the field next to the graveyard.

Chris and I went to the graveyard to find where this little girl was buried and to view the large detached houses prior to our final psychic investigation. Before our team of psychic investigators arrived I wanted to make sure this little girl was buried there. Unfortunately, I came away with more questions than answers.

jane13[1]Walking down the small pathway to the detached houses the only thing I did get was a bad headache from the electric transformer situated at the bottom of the pathway and right next to a detached house. To the left you can see me standing at the entrance of that pathway. There is ongoing research work into the dangers of these electric transformers, pylons and mobile phone masts. The most commonly reported adverse effect is electrical hypersensitivity which can cause all sorts of symptoms which can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds, fatigue, hearing problems etc. I experimented and as soon as I was just past the electrical transformer my headache went. The electrical field was approximately four feet which would include the inside of the detached house by the side of it.

orbs1[1]Left is a paranormal orb photograph of the entrance to the graveyard and of course you would get paranormal activity in any graveyard. However, the tree was one which hung over the pathway by the detached houses. Chris and I took many paranormal photographs of orbs and you can view more of the close up orbs below.

fieldorb1[1]     graveyardorb[1]

In the psychic investigation the draymen stated they buried the little girl on the wall next to the graveyard. I noticed that one wall to the graveyard was the Tredegar Arms Public House. I noticed people sitting on benches enjoying themselves in the sunshine as this was the outside play area behind the public house but the wall was the wall to the graveyard. It makes perfect sense that the draymen would have buried her in the field next to the public house. No one would question their actions as it would have been out of public view during when the pub was closed. Draymen visited the pub regularly so they had an excuse. I feel that this is where we need to be for our final psychic investigation.

Final Psychic Investigation - 25th May 2007

Psychic Investigators attending:-

Christopher and Jane McCarthy, Paul Prosser and Margaret Gatehouse

The Venue was Tredegar Public House which was next to the church. The actual wall of the graveyard was part of the boundary wall between the pub garden and the graveyard of the church. Beyond the back wall was the pathway where the large detached houses were built the previous year and where I believe this little girl is buried. Getting into the car to come there were two very loud buzzing noises in my ear. This is how I believe spirit can give messages. If you imagine that spirit resonate to say seven and we resonate to say three the vibration is different and that is why you only hear a high pitch buzzing noise. I get it when the telephone rings, the doorbell sounds or even when I get an email. It is like spirit giving me the message of who and what it is. After the investigation it became a little clearer as I drew two psychic art portraits and I believe this was the message of those two drawings.

paul2[1]The evening was quite warm. Chris, Paul and Maggie left me in the Public House garden to draw whilst they went to the pathway at the back of the church where the large detached houses were. Left is a photograph of Paul dowsing by the electric transformer. Notice an orb on his leg. Maggie picked up the little girl and didn’t want to leave a certain area. This was near the corner of the wall to the public house and the graveyard. It is exactly roughly about four feet from where I picked up the grave of the little girl. I believe that she is buried very close to the wall and her grave must have been disturbed when the new detached houses were built.

pathorb[1]Left is a paranormal orb photograph of that pathway exactly where the little girl was buried. A close up of that orb is below and you can see many faces inside. This paranormal orb photograph was taken by Chris.

orb19[1]However, he passed over the camera to Maggie and left to join me in the public house garden. Maggie took some wonderful paranormal orb photographs and you can see a turquoise one below which is in the hedge and part of the boundary wall. I had now finished the psychic art portraits. One was of the little girl and I had now drawn glasses on her as Louise had stated she wore glasses when she saw her. It certainly changed her face

orb33[1] orb43[1]



girl[1]However, it certainly looked like the other psychic art portrait - the same colour hair and style and the same colour eyes. This time it was a more serious portrait of the little girl and again I put her in her early teens. The other psychic art portrait was of the drayman and I was totally surprised as he looked quite old and a kindly gentleman. The drayman must have been much younger when the incident happened. He had now passed to spirit and very much regrets the incident which was on his mind all the time until his passing.

drayman[1]These two spirits came together so I feel that the young girl much have already forgiven this drayman. However, the other drayman is still alive and that has gone through me with a very large shiver. That is how spirit tell me something is ‘spot on’ and it is like someone is walking over your grave. The spirit of the old drayman told me that the younger drayman was not much older than the young girl when she died - he was fifteen years old. He would now be in his mid fifties. If anyone knows of this incident kindly contact me at:-

graveyard3[1]The final paranormal photograph has nothing to do with the psychic investigation but it was such a wonderful photograph I intend to include it. This orb photograph was taken by Maggie in the actual graveyard. Below is a close up of the large orb for you to see all the faces inside. I believe that this is connected to the graves and not the psychic investigation.


facesI have decided to leave this orb photograph as large for you to see all the faces inside. It is a fantastic photograph. Below is a close up of the lightened part for you to see the faces more clearly.

This psychic investigation is now closed but will be published in Fate and Fortune later in 2007.


I received the following email from Mr David Boyce from Bridgend Spiritualist Church:-

‘As I was reading the story and looking at the new psychic art portrait of the girl I was filling up with tears in my eyes and the young girl gave me the name Jenny. I am tingling from head to foot intermittently in a still cool bedroom and the little girl is saying she thanks us for acknowledging her passing and finding the spot where she is.

I believe she is between the large tree and the wall although I did not visit the site after we left the initial investigation. I think she is at peace now and hope our guides help her to the great white light of love.

This time I was given the name Benjamin when reading about the younger Drayman and have the feeling he lived more in the direction towards Caerphilly than Newport area. I am not aware of where that road would have once lead to fifty years ago.

Thanks for helping Louise get back to herself. I think this experience will probably help Louise to use her spiritual gift herself when she is a little older.’

UPDATE 25 January 2008

Sheila telephoned to confirm that over one year later from the original psychic investigation Louise is doing very well in school and is still sleeping in her bed. This story makes me realise that psychic investigations is not only about finding paranormal activity but solving problems connected with it for the families that live and experience it. It can be very upsetting and all they want is for it to go away.

Copyright Psychic art portrait and story Jane McCarthy 2007 and 2008

Paranormal photographs copyright Chris and Jane McCarthy 2007

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