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marketingreadings1[1]03We offer psychic readings by credit card (all major cards accepted) which is a freephone number. Our credit card team are available 24 hours to take your booking. They will arrange the best available psychic reader or psychic medium or one you have chosen to phone you back on your landline or mobile telephone. (Cost is £1.50 per minute)

Freephone - 08000 670 335

The psychic readers and psychic mediums are gentle, caring people who use their special gifts and intuition. Some are qualified mediums who work in the Spiritualists churches giving messages from loved ones who have passed over. Is there a message from your loved one? Have a psychic reading to find out.

poster502Visit Psychic Readings UK to read about telepathy, astral travel, mediumship readings, psychic readings, relationship readings, soul mates and dreams. Read a true story about a ‘Near Death Experience’ also about ghosts stories and spirit stories.

Jane McCarthy (Pin number: 2510) - as seen on TV and radio

To order a psychic reading from Jane ring the credit card team to book an appointment. The credit card team know Jane’s work rota and will arrange a mutually convenient appointment:- Freephone - 08000 670 335


I have just had a lovely psychic reading with Jane.. it was so unbelievably accurate. Jane mentioned was that she could see me writing and publishing some books? Uncanny, as I’ve been writing books since I was about 8 but have recently felt very eager to go for publication. I have a plot for a children’s book which fits so perfectly with what Jane said. Jane also mentioned that she sees me returning to college in the future? Again accurate, I am hoping to begin nursing/midwifery training in a couple of years when my children are a little older. Oh, I could go on for ages about all the accurate information she gave me but just wanted to say thank you Claire, Swansea

’Jane made my jaw drop!’ - Psychic Reading 2

I had no particular reason to call your line other than to find out if anything of interest would happen in the next few months. Jane did a general psychic reading and made my jaw drop when she picked up that I would be the owner of a property in France. I had always held that dream and had plans to make that come true in 10 year’s time but certainly not in the immediate future. Jane described all the people and events leading up to owning it as well as the friend who would make it all possible. Many months later, the question of the property in France came up and after some discussion I was offered the house for a knock down price and I am now the proud and happy owner of a tumble -down but delightful property in idyllic surrounds. Eva, West London

‘This is exactly what happened!’ - Psychic Reading 3

I had been seeing a guy for about three months and then one he just disappeared without receiving a word from him and all his numbers were unobtainable. I thought we had something special, so I called your lines and spoke to Jane. Jane confirmed that he had a secret manoeuvre overseas and was not allowed to contact anyone. Jane then told me that he would turn up at my door with flowers within the next month. I know it sounds incredible but this is exactly what happened! If it hadn’t been for my psychic reading I would have finished with him. As it happens we are getting engaged on our six month anniversary! Sam, Hereford

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