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Psychic Investigation - The White Lion Public House, Llantwit Major.

Please note this paranormal video runs slowly forwards and then backwards - click on camera.

This paranormal video has been taken in ‘night vision.

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The above paranormal video clip was taken in bedroom three and runs slowly forwards for you to see a bright object or dimension opening by the side of Pam’s leg who is sat on the left hand side. If you look carefully you can see an object floating over to where I am sitting on the right hand side and disappears around my hands. A further object floats over immediately after the first one and again disappears in the same place.


See Beckie Jordan’s story in ‘Psychic Investigations 1’ web page to hear her side of the events in respect of the dimensional orb.

Paranormal Video footage Copyright Christopher McCarthy 2005

Psychic Investigation, The White Lion Public House, Llantwit Major - Paranormal Videos

This paranormal video clip shows the start of the DVD ‘A day in the life of a Psychic Investigator’ by Beckie Jordan, Gemma Aldridge and Kerry Eden.

cellar2[1]03If you look carefully you will be able to see the blue orb traveling down the tunnel underneath the White Lion Pub

Click on camera to watch this video.

This PARANORMAL VIDEO CLIP FROM Beckie Jordan, Gemma Aldridge and Kerry Eden FROM UWIC, Media Department - for a copy of the complete DVD of the filming they undertook on this Psychic Investigation contact Beckie Jordan at .

Please note that these girls received a B+ for this media project.


Beckie Jordan’s story that was published in the UWIC Student Union’s newspaper can now be found on ‘Psychic Investigations 1’ web page.

Video copyright Beckie Jordan, Gemma Aldridge and Kerry Eden 2005

Photograph copyright Christopher McCarthy

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